Weight loss bedtime Snacking : banana > oatmeal

By | July 22, 2018

Weight loss SnaksWeight  loss will be more effective if the dieters are patient. Do not eat some foods which will disturb the weight loss program. If you come to decision to achieve the weight loss goal, some scientists might suggest you not to snacking when the bedtime has come. It is because there is a significant relationship between the late-night snacks with the overweight. Apart from this insight. Some people might be restless if they do not eat the snacks in the bedtime or leave the stomach empty during sleeping.

Thus, it is still advisable for the obese people. They can eat snack in the night without being worries about their weight loss goal. Here are some healthy low-calories foods that you can eat as the bedtime snack.

Weight loss snacks for bedtime


One of the dairy bedtime snacks that you can consume to in the late night is string of cheese. This snack contains of high protein and fat. It will turn you satiate and increase the quality of your sleep. Thus, implementing the weight loss plan to eat the cheese also helps you to slim down your body. Because it is the good source of protein, zinc, vitamin B and calcium. This fact is scientifically proved .That kids who take the dairy products tend to be slimmer than those who do not.


Some people might have dairy allergies and avoid consuming the dairy products like cheese or cow’s milk. Alternatively, as the attempt to gain the weight loss goal, taking whole grain product. They are such as cereal or oats in the late night will be the best option to keep your weight ideal. A scientist states that taking a bowl of cereal with milk provides you with around 200 calories and protein. So that this bedtime snack is preferable for those who are in diet.

Free-fat Greek Yoghurt     

The dieters who think about weight loss. They are also capable of taking the nonfat Greek yoghurt that provides the 100 up to 500 calories. In addition, this bedtime snack possesses the tryptophan – a acid amino that exerts the calming effect . It could calm  stomach and avoid the people to wake up with any possible discomforts like heartburn or indigestion. Thus, it is good idea if you want to enhance the quality of your sleep with this delicious bedtime snack.

Some slices of turkey

Thanksgiving will be the most enjoying time to spend with some wonderfully delicious food made of turkey. You might  surprise that this rich protein food is also a good bedtime snack . People who take a couple slices of turkey will feel drowsy.  Nevertheless, you are not necessary to worry about the nutrients. Since a few slices of turkey possess low-fat and will not provide you more than 100 calories.


Another good choice for those who want to regulate the weight loss program with the bedtime snack, is  a banana. It is the advisable fruit for you to avoid any discomforts due to the growling sounds in your stomach. Banana contains of satiating fiber, tryptophan and any other beneficial properties. It will be the perfect food in the midst of night. Taking a banana provides you with approximately 100 calories.

Some dieters get worries about taking bedtime snacks since they are afraid of encounter the failure at the end of their weight loss program. Nevertheless, they should not be worried a lot, since some nutritionist such as Janet Brill, Ph.D suggests some mentioned food to consume in the late night as the prevention from any discomforts. Hence, if you are accustomed to staying late nigh, you can still maintain the program of your weight loss.

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