How to Make Vegetable Stock and Its Usage

By | March 25, 2016

Are you vegetarian? Well, if you are vegetarian, then you could store some vegetable stock on your refrigerator. It is because this kind of stock is able to use for making many delicious dish. However,  for those who are new vegetarian maybe still wonder about what kind of ingredients and how to make nice vegetable stock. Actually, making some veggie stock looks easy. If you want to have such delicious one, you can learn some tips that we will share through this article.

Ingredients for Making Vegetable Stock

Vegetable Stock

 Vegetable Stock

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Vegetable stock is easy enough to make. You can add many ingredients, but make sure that ingredient is vegetable. Here are some ingredients that commonly use for making the nice and delicious stock:

  • Herb 

Herb is nice ingredient for making delicious veggie stock. You can use parsley, basil, oregano, and thyme for making the veggie stock.

If you want to make sour veggie stock, then do not forget to use tomato. Tomato is one kind of ingredient that suitable enough to add sour taste on your stock.

  • Onion 

To make your stock have rich taste, you can add lightly brown onion too.

  • Pepper and salt 

For you who love spicy taste, you can add pepper and salt. The combination between pepper and salt will make your stock even have rich flavor.

Tips for Making Delicious Vegetable Stock

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Actually, you will be able to find many tutorials about how to make it  and vegetable stock recipe, but it will be difficult to find out about how to make the delicious one.

In this part of the article, we will share to you about how to make not only ordinary veggie stock, but something more special. Here are some tips for ensuring that your veggie stock tastes delicious:

  • Chop finely the entire ingredients

For improving the flavor of your vegetable stock, you must chop the entire ingredients finely. With chopping finely the entire ingredients, the flavor of each ingredient will be fully appearing.

  • Sauté your veggie stock ingredient

Sauté your veggie stock ingredients also help improving the taste of your stock. If you do not believe it, you can try comparing the veggie stock which you make with using all raw materials with one you make with lightly brown material.

  • Using cold water rather than normal or warm water

Do you know that vegetable stock will have better taste when you cook it with using cold water? Cold water will make you need more time to cook the stock, but it will surely add more flavors.

The Usage of Vegetable Stock

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After understanding about how to make delicious veggie stock and what kind of ingredient you need to make it, you also need to understand about how to use it.

Actually, people usually will use vegetable stock for soup. However, you are still able to find many recipes that use vegetable stock as one of the ingredient. You can use this  for making stew, any kind of rice dishes, polenta, and casserole dish.

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