Top Duck recipes

By | July 13, 2018

Top duck recipes actually depend upon the area of the people which often make duck recipes. Such as in certain area they  often cook duck leg then it is said that the top duck recipes for the area is duck leg recipes. In other difference area may be due to the condition is very cool then mostly they cook duck recipes in roasted duck recipes. Thhen it is said that the top duck recipes is roasted duck. etc.

Below are Several  top duck recipes:

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  1. Roasted duck recipes
 top duck recipes

top duck recipes

For this one of top duck recipes. You should prepare some ingredients, such as: duck (1,6 kg), 1 of Clementine, 6 leaves of fresh bay, 2 teaspoons of Chinese spicy powder. For the Gravy, you can provide: 2 carrots, 3 of red onions, 1 litter of organic chicken stock with 100 ml of Marsala and 1 bulb of garlic.

The steps of cooking this one of top duck recipes

  • You can heat the oven around 180 Degree Celsius.
  • Remove the excessive fat from the duck cavities then you can use the sharp knife to crop the breast and legs in crossover around 1 cm of apart.
  • Seasoning the duck with the salt, black paper and the Chinese spicy powder then rub in whole of part to make it flavor.
  • You can put the Clementine and place it in the duck cavities with the bay leaves.
  • Place the duck in the pan and roast it around 1 hours and 20 minutes to make it tender.
  • Add the bulb garlic and peal the carrots and onions.
  • After roasted, take the pan from the oven carefully and spread the veggies around the pan then put it into oven for 40 minutes until the duck crispy and easily remove the bone.
  • After done roast, you can make the sauce. Add the flour in the veggies and mash all of them then place it into frying pan with the high heat. For this one of top duck recipes. Do not forget put the Marsala and wait until cooked.
  • Add the chicken stick then wait until boiled around 15 minutes.
  • Your roasted duck ready to serve and just enjoy this one of top duck recipes.
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  1. The spicy salt duck recipes
top duck recipes - the spicy sult duck

Top duck recipes – the spicy salt duck

Another one of top duck recipes is the spicy salt duck. The ingredients for this one of top duck recipes are: 2 x 200 of duck breasts and remove the skin.  1 tablespoons of chili powder, ½ tablespoons of fennel seed, 1 of red chili, 2-3 of onions, 2 of lemons, ½ tablespoons of ground cumin, ½ tablespoons of ginger powder, ½ tablespoon of the Sichuan seasoning.

The steps:

  • Place the duck into steamer and wait for  around 12 minutes until the duck becomes just half cook.
  • Mix the flour, cumin, fennel, chili powder and Sichuan seasoning with the 3 teaspoons of salt and ginger.
  • After 12 minutes, you can remove the duck from steamer and put it into wire rack for 25 minutes.
  • You can chop the chili with the onions and do not forget halve the lemons.
  • Mix the duck into spicy powder and coat the duck. You can deep fry the duck around 2 minutes until cooked and brown colors.
  • Cut into small pieces and ready to serve and enjoy this one of top duck recipes..