Types and Benefits of Tomato

By | March 24, 2016

Tomato is one kind of vegetable that loved by many people. It can be made for many delicious food and Tomato beverage. You can make it as one part of salad ingredient, you can turn it into juice, or you can make delicious soup from it. Still many other foods, such as most of chicken breast recipes, green bean recipes, sweet potato recipes, organic recipes,  asparagus recipes, mushroom recipes, etc.

Tomato It is true that many years ago, people falsely though that tomato was dangerous vegetable. In the past, people though that this vegetable was able to increase your chance to suffer cancer disease, brain fever, and many other dangerous diseases.

Unfortunately, that is not true. Research has proven that it is not dangerous vegetable. Even it is one kind of great vegetable to consume. Moreover you need to know too that it is having many types.

Do you want to know more about its benefits and types? Feel free to dig up this article to find out the informations.

Benefits of Tomato for Health

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It is true that tomato is able to give many benefits for your health. Here are some  benefits that we believe will make you even love to eat it:

  • It has antioxidant effect 

As the result of having many vitamin A and C, it makes tomato become one of great vegetable which has antioxidant effect. Consuming it frequently is surely able to prevent you from many diseases.

  • It help lowering blood sugar level 

Tomato is also good to be eaten by diabetic patient. It is because this vegetable is having chromium inside. Chromium is special substance that can help lowering your blood sugar level.

  • It is free radical fighter 

Lycopene is one other substance that makes tomato even greater to be eaten. Lycopene is working like vitamin A and C. it is able to be radical fighter.

Types of Tomato

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Tomato  have many types. Each of the  types will have different shape and taste. That is why; if you want to make  soup, choose the ingredient carefully. It is because not all of the types are good enough to be made for soup.

Here are some common  types that you can easily find out:

  • The globe

The globe is the common type you can easily find. Usually, it has round shape and it huge enough. This type is good enough for soup.

  • Cherry

If you want to make  juice, make sure to buy cherry tomato. This type is having almost the same size like cherry. It has sweeter and juicier taste than other type.

  • Heirloom

If you want to know what the most famous types, then heirloom is one of it. A chef often uses heirloom. It is because this type is able to remain ripped longer than the other type.

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