Tofu Recipes know as Asian Cheese with a ton Nutrition

By | February 18, 2016

Tofu Recipes could be one of the recipes for those love Japanese food. In Japan there are many kinds of tofu. Generally. There are two type of tufo, namely Momen Tofu (tofu with a texture like cotton) and Kinu Tofu (tofu-textured like silk). From both the two types that each have variations in the types and variety of forms. You can not fry the Kinu Dofu, usually it is  for  soup or you can eat alone in a cold state. Are you interested to tofu recipes?

Tofu Recipes


Tofu recipes could  go alongside with other ingredients such as pasta, courgette and some of organic herbs. For those  who  interest in the food, you can buy directly from sellers around you or you can also make your own by special tofu recipes. However, before you decide to create the best recipe of foods, it will be a good idea indeed for you to find about what you have to do and what you can get from this foods

Tofu Known as  Asian Cheese 

During this time there are many people  know tofu or tofu recipes as cheese Asia. Tofu is from soybeans, rich in protein. Tofu is made by agglomerate of soya protein which has been separated from the slurry of soy. This is normally using vinegar or minerals (calcium and magnesium). You can process Tofu easily into various types of cuisine, its soft texture and easy to absorb the seasoning. Then, we can find the different tastes with tofu recipes .

Nourishing Ingredients in Tofu Recipes

Tofu with green bean

Tofu with green bean

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Some of you may certainly very curious about the contents of this tofu recipes. Or maybe some of you  know what the content in these foods. You should know that behind a very cheap price, it turns Tofu save a million benefits that can be useful indeed for human body. Here is the nutritional content of Tofu.

  • Contains High Protein

Tofu recipes is very suitable for fitness mania who undergo weight loss program and for those who are vegetarians. That’s because Tofu is from soybeans that are rich in vegetable protein.  Our body can easily digest the proteins and amino acids  in Tofu. A piece of tofu is containing 15.8 grams of protein so it is able to meet our daily requirement of protein by 32%.

  • Free Cholesterol

The next nutrition which is had by this food is where there is no cholesterol. Tofu in a raw state is free of cholesterol and sodium, so keep in mind how to prepare to keep the nutritional content. Tofu cooking tips such as a soup mix. Make sure also for you to not fry because it would eliminate many benefits of the food.

  • High content of Vitamin B

Besides that, Tofu is also a source of B vitamins especially B1, B2 and B6. Besides that, it also contains folic acid, which is very useful for red blood cell metabolism. This is good for the healthy skin and muscles prevent anemia, pancreatic cancer and other healthy disease.

How Create Tofu Recipes

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During this time, there is still plenty of confusion and did not know how to cook tofu recipes properly. If you do not know, there  are several ways that you can follow as a guide to cook tofu correctly.

  • First, soak tofu first in warm water, then remove. Cut into two parts starting from the middle. Then remove the tofu slowly. Remove the remnants of the water.
  • Later on, you can cut the tofu into several sections according to taste. But it’s better if you do not cut too thin or too small and then you could use seasoned flour by flour.
  • Heat the oil a bit much. Then fill out when the oil is hot, and be sure to know drown.  Wait until the bottom of the dry and yellow. After that, you can make sure to just reverse.
  • After heating finished, then make sure to Drain and out ready for cooking for a variety of other foods, such as tofu or stir.

Tofu has become one of the favorite food that is little known in the world. The food is also healthy and good for the health of the human body, so it is not wrong if you a wide selection of Tofu Recipes.

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