Types and Way Creating Steak Recipes

By | February 18, 2016

Steak Recipes have some different variety dishes, you can choose one of them. Steak itself is one of the favorite foods of many people. Usually we can enjoy this meal in restaurants because almost all of them provide steak meal. We can enjoy various kinds of food steak available ranging from the cheapest to most expensive. These foods also have some sort so that we will not bore to try to taste the food.  We could serve steak, usually grilled, pan-fried, or steamed. If you want to get the steak as you want, you need not to go to the restaurant because you can make steak recipes  alone in home.

Steak Recipes are fairly able to go with other things such as cabbages, butternut, sweet potato, green bean, pasta, or for cake.  Beef steak dish that is not only good to eat, but also has numerous ingredients for steak recipes . Before we go any further, it would be better to language first some important information about this steak.

Type of Steak

Keep in mind that there are some steak dishes and steak recipes served in some restaurants or you can serve yourself. Usually, these types of steak, you  can see the cut of beef. Some parts of the cow’s body has a specific section with a specific name. This is important to know well before you come to restaurant or when you are going to create it by yourself.

  • Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin was not loud so this is often referred to as the tenders part of the cow. It has an elongated shape and steak usually cut diagonally. Many people love this  steak  in the restaurant.

  • Sirloin

Sirloin meat is from the back of the cow. Meat is more severe than in other parts commonly used for steaks. Sirloin has advantages in size, which can be cut larger than the other cows were softer.

  • Strip loin

This is the part that wraps beef tenderloin section. Typically, the meat is tenderer than sirloin, but louder than the tenderloin.

  • Rib Steak

It is part of the beef that comes from the meat around the ribs. If you like to choose it, perhaps the price for this steak type will be lower than you choose the other highly meat part of the steak.

Maturity level of Steak Recipes

Furthermore, you should know that there are several ways of cooking steak maturity level based on steak recipes. that you can choose. You can select according to what you want. Of course, that is very important to consider is where you have to know your tastes better. Here bellow, there are some of level of the maturity you can pick.

  • Rare

The version of steak rare is typically still red. The maturity level of this steak is a favorite for the French. Usually,  we eat this steal type with the other foods such as a salad.

  • Medium, 

The next version of the medium characterized by the middle part is still red and pink sides. Juicy texture that draw with a little flow makes lovers can taste the sweetness of sensation of juicy steak.

  • Well Done,

Well done means that it is dry without juicy. There are most of steak lover usually choose this version because it means that the steak is ready to enjoy

Simple Steak Recipes

Steak Recipes

            Steak Recipes

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In general, many people visit a restaurant simply to buy and enjoy beef steak recipes. And we can make these dishes at home with our own tastes. Basically, how to make beef steak is delicious and healthy it is quite easy 

Besides, it would be more efficient if you can make a steak recipes at home .

  • Sauté garlic and onion until wilted and appear fragrant
  • Enter the flour and mix well and Pour a little water
  • Pour Worcestershire sauce, salt, sugar and black pepper
  • Stir gently until cooked, then drain
  • Then, Mix the ground beef with the flour.
  • Make the shape of the dough,round  is good.
  • Coat the dough with mustard and black pepper, let stand about 15 minutes until the spices to infuse
  • If the pervasiveness perfect seasoning, grilled until cooked or partially cooked.
  • Lift the beef steaks that you have grilled to taste
  • Marinate the steak with the sauce
  • The beef steak is ready

Steak is a favorite food of much-loved. Actually, we do not need to go to a restaurant to be able to enjoy it because we can make your own by studying Steak Recipes.

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