Soup diet could make losing weight of 10 pounds after 7 days

By | July 21, 2018

Soup diet is now one of the most common methods to lose weight. The soup suggested here is more like the clear soup with lots of vegetables. Creamy soup with too much cream and cheese is not quite suggestible. Below, there will be a guidance of 7 days soup diet to lose at least 10 lbs in a week. If you are not cheating, by the end of the diet, you will surely lose at least 10 pounds.

7 Days Soup Diet

  1. Day One

In day one, your soup diet should contain fruits. You can eat as much of any fruit that you want. However, you cannot eat bananas. Bananas are quite heavy for your diet. You can eat more citrus fruits such as lemon and orange for your diet. Surely, you can also eat soup today. You can eat ONLY soup and fruit but you can eat as many as you want.

  1. Day Two

Today is about veggies. You can have salad for your soup diet breakfast but only light-dressed salad such as olive oil. Beside of that, you can have celery stick and carrot stick for lunch. For dinner, you can eat soup with a baked potato and a bit of butter. However, there will be NO FRUIT for today.

  1. Day Three

On day three of your soup diet, you can eat soup, fruit, and vegetables. However, you cannot eat potato. Make sure that you eat soup with clear broth and a lot of vegetables in it. Chicken soup will be a great choice. If you have not cheated, by tomorrow morning you should lose 5 pounds.

  1. Day Four

For today’s soup diet, you can eat bananas and skim milk. Surely you can have soup anytime that you want. However, there will be no fruits, except banana, and no veggies. The only veggies you get are the veggies in the soup.

  1. Day Five

Day five is about beef and tomato. Today, you can have beef for lunch or dinner. The beef that you consume today cannot be more than 20 ounces. The tomato that you eat on today’s soup diet cannot be more than 6 tomatoes. You can eat them in any style according to your preference. Do not forget to eat soup too. The soup cannot be eaten as often as possible.

  1. Day Six

Soup Diet

Diet Soup

Day six of the soup diet is for beef and vegetables. You are allowed to eat all the beef that you want and also as many veggies as possible. You can even have steaks today.

However, the steak must be lean and you cannot have more than 3 steaks today. Serve the steak with green salad but NO POTATOES. Use carrot to substitute the potato. As always, do not forget to have soup today.

  1. Day Seven

For the last day of the soup diet, you can have veggies, brown rice, and fruit juice. The fruit juice, however, must be unsweetened. Eat the soup as often as you like. If this soup diet is working for you, tomorrow you will lose 10 pounds already.

By Lindri Spd