Easy Snail Recipes : Snail soup, Snail with Vinegar,etc.

By | November 20, 2015

Snail Recipes are  actually have been introduced through tradition home recipes. Snails themselves  have a long illustrious gastronomic history. The dishes  are actually offer very delicious, the roman  very enjoyed the dishes of snail recipes. Besides the delicacy , snails are believed  that they are loaded by some good proteins and many people say that they have fascinating sex too. There is some condition from the pact that some thoughts of cooking and consuming snail might seem a forkful too far for some people. After you understand the fact, try snail recipes.

The life of Snails

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There are some varieties of snails. The main varieties  which are very famous or a traditional custom for snail recipes are burgundies which are well known as roman snails or vineyard (Helix POMATIA LINNE ) and petit GRIS ( H.ASPERA ). Petit GRISS is smaller than burgundy but many people said that even though Petit is smaller but they are much nicer or offer extra finer taste for eating.

Since born all snails are all male until the snail mate, which is whenever something extraordinary occurs. During mating, snails have typical penis which will be emerging from a part of his bodies. The penis will be linked with corresponding organ to another mating partner. It will keep on linking for quite longer while the couples with honest exchange semen politely.

After that one of the couples shall be inseminated, and she would set  to thoroughly produce some eggs. The new eggs of the snail are popular by many people as snail caviar, they are looked  similar with grain of tapioca. A this time the shell is not yet hard but similar with rubber, but many people try to make them as snail recipes.

Some Snail Recipes

Snail Recipes will tell you the truth of pretty delicacy after you’ve tried even one menu. One of the very famous recipe among other snail recipes is snail soup. Many reasons I heard why they like snail soup, due to the taste of snail themselves are still prominent while other ingredients will only support the flavor.

Snail Soup Recipe

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1. Snail Soup Recipes


  1. Kg of Snails
  2. 3 chops of garlic
  3. 1 pc’s of red onion
  4. Black peppers (¼ spoon of black pepper powder)
  5. 2 bunches of celery
  6. Scallion 1 bunches
  7. Tomato one only (  the younger of the tomato, is the better )
  8. Sweet ketchup just : 1 spn
  9. Lemonade juice of one spoon too
  10. Ssea salt of 1/3 spoon
  11. 1/3 spoons of flavor spice ( Indonesian brands: MASAKO, ROYCO,AJINOMOTO )

Preparation of cooking Snail Soup Recipe

  1. Take the medium size of the snails, usually the big ones are difference way of cooking therefore for this snail soup just take the medium size. Usually the big one, many people  take the meat first from their shell before cooking.
  2. Cut the bottom or one end of the snails.
  3. Clean them, do not shake they very hard. I had an experience when I clean snails, I shake them very hard I mean in order that they will be very clean. What happen after that many of them produce snail caviar.
  4. Blend or smashed some ingredients ( onion, garlic )
  5. Cut the celery thinly sliced
  6. Scallion, finely sliced
  7. Cut the green / young tomato, finely slice make it square around 8 pc’s for one tomato.

Cooking steps of this snail recipes

  1. Sautee the onion and garlic in cooking pan which has its cover.
  2. Add some water and set medium heat
  3. After the water has been boiling, place snails
  4. Place some ingredients of snail recipes: black pepper powder, ketchup, lemonade juice, sea salt, and flavor spice.
  5. Stir it and wait until around 15 minutes or after the snails are hard anymore.
  6. Stir it again and put the cover of the pan.
  7. After the soup is about ready to be served add the last ingredient of snail recipes: tomato, celery, and scallion.
  8. Turn off the appliance and Yeah, enjoy your soup.

There are two ways to enjoy the above soup, enjoy this soup – snail recipes

  1. Chop the snails, like the bird chop flower honey
  2. Take out the snail meat, by using pin.

Regarding the ingredients, they will be depend upon the taste of the individual, might be you need to add some more for some particular of ingredients of this snail recipes.

Snail Recipes - Snail with vinegar 

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2. Snails with Vinegar

This snail recipe is very simple to do. The most important thing for this snail recipes,  your snails  are still fresh no one dying or dead, and clean them thoroughly.

Ingredient / Direction

  1. Ingredients and Making Vinegar

  • ½ ounce of brown sugar ( pounded / smashed and mix with ½ glass of water then put in one bowl, set aside )
  • Chili, diced the red chili
  • Lemongrass 1 stalk, sliced
  • 2 chopped of garlic, smashed
  • Lemon leave, 3 leaves
  • 1 spoons of orange juice
  • Salt, just half of spoon
  • 1 spoon of pure / artificial vinegar

How to Make Vinegar

  • Take an oven.
  • Collect half of each of above  ingredients
  • Mix them until they are in good combination then
  • Pour with  brown sugar
  • Add with fresh water then bring to boil.

Note :  for this snail recipes some of above ingredients are for boiling the snail and some other for making  vinegar except brown sugar, orange juice, garlic, and artificial vinegar.

Ingredient / preparation to cook snails

  1. Take 1 kg of snail. Find the middle size ones, clean them carefully do not too hard to shake them. Cut the bottom of each snail this is in order that you will be easy to take out the meat of the snail after boiled and to make clean well.
  2. Take ( from above ingredient leave ), Lemongrass, lemon leave, chili, and salt.

Direction to cook snails

  1. Boiled water in oven set the heat in medium of heat after the water has boiled then
  2. Place all ingredients
  3. Then add snail, stir for while and cover continue to cook for 5 minutes and turn off the stove / appliance.
  4. Take the snail and
  5. Enjoy this spectacular snail recipes with the vinegar.

Snail Butter Recipes

Snail Butter Recipes

Snail Butter

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This is one snail recipes which is modified by using empty snail shell. And you fill in with snail meat along  with other related ingredient. Then you baked in oven for some minute until it is really cooked.

The process is so simple and the time to cook it is also not take too long of time. It will not disturb your activities. ( read more )

Snail is living creature with shell

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Snail is living creature which having coiled shell as one of his protector or as the house to protect himself from other enemy, any other animal which will attach him, he will get into the shell and shall close the door. He will be safe in his hard house. The shell is not only for the protection from the enemy but also for their other living safety. For snail recipes some snail are cook together with the shell while some other just take the meat for snail recipes.

Some study believed that snail shall be one group of living creatures which lived for the first time, it was around 500 million years ago. This was shown by the fossil evidence of primitive gastropods. Some study said that the first time found sea or salt water snails and followed by freshwater ones then lad snail group.

Many people call a snail for land snails, gastropod moslluscs, and terrestrial pulmonate. But actually when we use the word snail, it is not only for land snail but for other thousands variation species of other snail such as freshwater snail and sea snails. The snail are easy adapted in wide range of environments, such desert, abysasal depths of the sea. These snail are also popular for human for food, depend on the condition of the snail and  whether some people had ever cook for snail recipes.

Land snail could be more familiar to layment and some kind of snail are easy found in freshwater. common word snail is also referring to those of animal belong the members of the molluscan class gastropoda which are having coiled shell including a few other molluscs which are not really gastropods like Monoplacophora that superficially resemble small limpets.

Snail having two types of neurons and each of them having certain function one for detecting whether  they are hungry or not while other one deciding for whether or not there are food in the vicinity.

There are two groups of snail if we see from the respiring organ. Group of Pulmonata are some snails which respire by using their lung. Group of polyphyletic, the group of snail which respire using gills. Snail using gills form a number of taxomomic group which are not really important for them to be more closely related to each other than to some other group.

Bother group of snails are diversified so widely over geological time which some of species with gills are found in land  and some with lung are easy found in freshwater.

Snail has radula, Radula are tooth-like structures  located on a banded ribbon-like in their tongue. most of snail having thousand of microscopic tooth –like structures of each. The function of radula are woking like file, ripping food into small size. In term of how the snail find foods. Some snail are omnivores or predatory carnivores and some other are herbivorous, they are eating plants or rasping algae from surface.  In term of size there are some of snail which are very huge up to 18 kg. It is so call as Syrinx arounus. It is considered as th biggest living snail. The very known is giant snail so called and giant  Afican snail, it is land snail which is having weight is about 1 kg and the length could be about  38 cm.

In term of habitat, there are some types of snails

Land Snail

The common name of land snail is terrestrial gastropod mollusks which have shell and even though some of the land snails do not have shell which well known or so called as slugs. But in many condition it is so difficult call the species are really terrestrial due to some of them are less amphibious between land freshwater snail. Some other are relatively amphibious between saltwater and land snail.

Mostly land snails are pulmonates. They are having lung to breathe the air and only a few of them are ancient lineages for they are having a gill and an aperculum. Quite many of the operculate land snails are living in habitats or microhabitats they are sometime damp or wet.

Land snail are having very strong muscular foot, this in order that they still can crawl over surface even more rough, this is in order to protect their soft body from drying out. Their internal anatomy includes a radula and primitive as well. These land snails particularly have  a mantle in their head, they have two pairs of tentacles.

Most of Land snail are well known a wide range of different vertebrate and invertebrate animal prey of land snails. Land snail are well known used for food by human in various cultures over the world.  And land snail are also easily for farm as snail recipes.

Types of Land Snails

There are so many types of land snail but the most familiar with human are Achtina Fulica, Helix Aspers, Helix Pomatia

1.     Achatina Fucia

This Achatina Fucia is the Giant African Snail. It could be 20 cm long, for this time it is considered as the largest land snail. This giant African snail is also considered an invasive creature due to the reproduction rate of this land snail is so high and the rate of voracious.

2.     Helix Apersa

This helix apersa is also known by most of people as garden snail. This land snail is about 1.3 inches of its height. This group of land snail are easily found in some area of Mediterranean and  some part of Asia.

3.   Helix Pomatia

This Helix pomatia ia one of land snail which is so familiar for human as Roman Snail. This typical land snail species are easily found in some part of Europe. Eventhough  in many part of the world are now the species are also can be found

Freshwater snail

Gastropod mollusks are freshwater snails which are living in freshwater instead of other area such as land or sea. According to one of review there are around 4000 species of freshwater gastropods, they are many difference families. They are found all about the freshwater such as major river, pools, lakes, etc.

Most of freshwater gastropods are having a shell. Some group of freshwater snail are respire by using their gills therefore they need to reach the surface in order that they could breath. Some of these freshwater snail are also good for human food, as snail recipes, there some alternatives to cook snail recipes of  these freshwater snail.

Sea Snail

There are also number kind of snail species which are living in sea or so called as marine gastropods. Many species of marine gastropods are edible and exploited as food source by human for snail recipes and other species of snail which living in freshwater or land.

Sea snail are marine gastropods with shell while a few of them with no shells or having internal shells such as seal slug, sea hare,  nudibranch, etc.

The special shell of the marine gastropods are spirally coiled, Some so though and having conical shells and this is so called and limpets. In one of unusual family from the family of Juliidae, the shell of snail is becoming two hinged plates so closely resembled those of a bivalve then the family is called bivalve gastropods.

The shell of bivalve gastropods are so various in term of the shapes and sizes but mostly very small. The largest of the marine gastropods range in size at about 91 cm and even the smallest at 1mm at adult sizing. The shell of marine gastropods are mostly strong and durable in many cases.

Snail living in salt water are large group and a very diverse one. They are mostly breath using a gill or gills while a few group using a lung, are intertidal. This will be active while the sea water is tide and whenever they can move through the surface. The snail family which are with air – breathing species include false in family siphonariidae and trimusculidae.

These are of sea snail are also good for snail recipes by human such as abalone,conch,limpets, whelks. The one for snail recipes which is well known in north atlantic is buccinum undatum and the one which is so familiar snail recipes  in north America is busycon. Not only the sea snail are good for snail recipes by human but also the shell. Many people create some accessories from the shell of sea snail to make necklaces and other jewelry, etc.

Snail as Food (snail recipes )

There are so many kind of uses or function of snail and one of them is snail as food or snail recipes. One of favorite menus in French is snail recipes. In French cuisine, edible snails are prepare for instance in escargot a la Bourguignonne. This is well known as the practice of snail recipes as heliciculture. For the sake of cultivation, there are some strategy to prepare for this cultivation.

Usually they make such cage using wire or such pence in order that the snail can not go out, they put some dry straw and dry wood in the cage itself. The cage must be dark or cannot full day having sun light.  Mostly during the rain time, the snail will come out of hibernation and release most of their mucus on to the dry wood or straw. Then this is the time usually the farmer are preparing for snail recipes.

The well know of being relished as gourmet food, some species of snail could provide an easily harvested source of protein for many people during last decade. Some people from all over the word are having wonderful snail recipes such as in spain, Philippines, morocco,Indonesia, Nigeria, etc. There so many kind of snail recipes can be created such as snail soup recipes, snail with vinegar, snail satay,etc.

In Indonesia they have being enjoyed snail recipes for years. The people living near the sea, they usually enjoy sea snail. Whhile most usually people living in the land area they like to eat land snail. As the sail are easily found in the fond so that they like to cook fresh snail. Most of snail recipes of this kind of snail is snail soup recipes.

Many people also take out the meat or they extracted the snail from the shell. They spread out in the sun to dry  for some days. Then they make some kind of snail recipes. Such as satay, rendang, curry, stir- fry, etc.

I ever heard that in Bulgaria snail are also become one menus, through  tradition of cooking. They cook the snail in a oven with rice in a pan with vegetable oil and red paprika powder. They do it by extracted from the shell though boiling in hot water for around 90 minues. The species of Helix lucorum and Helix pomatia are popular ones for snail recipes.

Species of Snail for Snail Recipes

There are some species of snail which are so familiar for snail recipes which is cook in difference style of menus. The  mainly species of snail which are eaten from the family of Helicidae

  • Helix Pomatia

Helix Pomatia or so called as edible snail. The very popular one of the snail recipes for this helix pomatia, generally cook together with its shell. In France is well known as I’Escargot de Bourgogne.

  • Helix lucorum

this is one of species of snail which is also very familiar for snail recipes. The recipes are generally prepared in throughout of eastern Mediterranean.

  • Cornu aspersum,

this is also one type of snail which is so familiar for snail recipes. Cornu aspersum having size of 28 upto 35 cm for adult one and the weight of to 7 to 15 gram. They Found mostly in Mediterranean countries . This cornu aspersum is the synomymof Helix aspers.  While cornu apersum found in north Africa could be 40 to 45 mm and weight of 20 to 30 g.

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