Easy Baked Snail Butter Recipes

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This one of snail recipes called baked snail butter recipes, there should be abundance of snail butter recipes out there you can create. Usually the recipes will differ between one into another, due to the style or the behavior of the person. Example, one like the one which is hot and the other like sweet, etc. It is very common that one region and other region they have difference style of food.

Snail Butter Recipes

        Snail butter

This baked snail butter is the one you should like it, this should be so delicious. This is made by using snail empty shell then fill it with snail along with other ingredient. In other word, you bake the snail with butter in side.  This is  so easy to be made no need lot of experience in order that you can make it.

Snail Butter Ingredient

  • 40 g Parma ham
  • 100 g flat – leaf parsley, you should shopped it and peel it
  • 5 g sea salt. The amount for this butter snail recipes, just consider enough do not too much
  • 20 g ground almonds
  • Dijon Mustard 25 g
  • Butter ( the one which unsalted, the unsalted one is better due to it will be mixed with other ingredient including salt )
  • 200 g of Shallots
  • Mushrooms 40 g (for the snail butter recipes just use button mushroom )
  • Garlic 25 g ( peeled )

Method of cooking for this snail butter

  • Heat butter in a prying pan, place mushroom and shallots for around 10 minutes or until the mushroom become rather soft. Do not make it very soft
  • Tip into a food processor together  with other reaming ingredient
  • Puree until smooth.
  • Once pureed, you can rub the mix until so smooth, for the condition you can take it as you like to
  • Take the shells of the snail, fill it with snail meat and top with the mixture.
  • Bake it
  • Enjoy it, together with your family enjoy this snail butter


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