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By | October 14, 2015

Salmon Recipes for some people are very popular, but for some other people salmon fishes are not so friendly, they can be never prepare any salmon recipe for this famous oily fish. They only ever hear or see salmon fish in the TV. program or from newspaper.

For those who are never get original salmon fish, they can buy canned salmon in supermarket and make salmon recipes.Salmon recipes are not common for certain area, particularly due to salmon fishes live in unique environment. They are not able to be easily found like other common fishes.

Salmon Life is Unique 

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Other common fishes usually live in the sea or in fresh water such river since born until die. Sea fishes are mostly having difficulty to live in the river and as the return fresh water fishes are having difficulty to live in the sea either. The fresh water fishes would soon die if we put them to the sea and the sea fishes will probably die sooner if  we put  in the pool.

Salmon recipes are not as unique as salmon fishes themselves, the meaning of salmon from latin known as salmo meaning to leap. The species of salmon exist in two genera they are  genus Salmo and genus Oncorthnhus.

Unlike other common fishes.Mostly salmon fishes firstly born in the fresh water then after certain age they will migrant to ocean. Then when they will produce spawn  they come back to the river or the fresh water to reproduce. For those who are living not so far  from salmon environment they will often prepare salmon recipes.

Salmon is Healthy Fish

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Salmon recipes are  important thing to support the delicacy of salmon fishes. These Salmon fishes  refer to oily fishes, they also possess high protein, vitamin D content, and also omega-3 fatty acids. Many people say that many benefits of eating this oily fish among other is we will far outweigh any risk imposed by contaminant.

Many mother understand the need of  some important benefits from what salmon possess, they often cook salmon and give to their young children. Based on the condition of the kids and the lust, the mother shall make the right salmon recipes.

Some of Salmon Recipes

The are many of Salmon Recipes you can make. It depends upon what we are going to do over salmon fishes. Even though not as often as fish recipes for other kinds of common fishes. Many people now create salmon recipes due to now there are abundance of farmed salmons. Which are available somewhere and much easily to be bought rather than fast period. Below are some  popular salmon recipes. 

Salmon Fish Recipes

Smoked Salmon Recipes

1. Smoked Salmon Recipes

This phenomenon of salmon recipes called smoked salmon, this is good quality in its delicacy and performance. Therefore moderately smoked salmon having high price in the market comparing to other kind of product of salmon.

Smoked salmon is usually available in supermarket, therefore you can but it or you can make it by your self.  There are many things you should consider in order to produce high quality of smoked salmon, among others are the material to bake, good material will produce good smokes, and the smoke will not harm the fish meat.

The material to put the salmon fish on is also need from good material indeed, and also the mostly typical of a filled which has been cured and then cold and hot smoked should be a preparation of this salmon recipes.

Salmon Burger Recipes

Salmon Burger Recipes

2. Burger Salmon Recipes

Salmon Recipes for this kind of dish namely salmon burger, this one of salmon recipes are also very popular moreover among kids. Many kids like this burger. This type of burger is rocketing in some areas. the alternative of other burger, and its delicacy   seems to replace the popularity  of other type of  burger.

As other type of burger, salmon burger  also need some things to prepare such as breads, herb, burger spicy, etc. You have to prey it for quite some time until the burger is ready to serve.

To cook the recipes, the same as other kind of burgers, firstly  salmon meat but do not overcook which will probably make it too dry, stick together with the bread and the other ingredients of burger salmon recipes.

Salmon recipes with green bean

Salmon recipes with green bean

3. Salmon with Green Bean

In many occasion green bean recipes can go with salmon fish. This is simple and delicacy,  this is the other spectacular  menu of  salmon fish.  It is only turning a handful of green bean  and salmon  steak in to a prize  catch . You do not need previous experience to create this  salmon recipes,  Just little bit of ground pepper could   meaningfully help for  salmon its dark crust


  1. Garlic : 2 cloves , slice thinly
  2. Green bean for around 7 ounce ( just bought or taken is much better )
  3. Vegetable / Olive oil for two spoonful only
  4. Salt for seasoning, just considered enough for your convenient
  5. Ground pepper for this salmon recipes – also based on your convenient
  6. Salmon steak for around 7 up to ten ounce

Method of Cooking

  • Sauté the garlic. Continue sauté until the color of the garlic become brown. For this salmon recipes put the garlic in separated plate.
  • Boil the green bean with little bit of water ( the water for around half glass – medium glass ) boiled them until the condition of green is soft.
  • After that drain them, put in other plate and season this with salt and pepper. While the green been are still hot and toss them in order that they are combining with the season.
  • Now return again to the skillet. Preheat the skillet and put little bit of oil than place the salmon steak.
  • Season it with salt and pepper.
  • Continue cooking until the color of the steak become brown after that take the steak and put to the plate of green bean. Enjoy your salmon recipes namely salmon steak with green bean.
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