How to Arrange or Prepare Recipes to Make Delicious Foods

By | October 21, 2015

The  recipes  in this paragraph or articles are the recipes for your convenience and are both suitable and tasty enough to  consume.  For all recipes exposed  to give you such ideas for dinner, lunch, breakfast, and event for party ideas as well.

If you are thinking to prepare a side dishes or mean dishes, right now you are also in the right place indeed to consider of browsing the collection menu from these  kinds of all recipes.

All Recipes are flexible

Most of all recipes available in this catalog, as other kind of recipes from other sources, are very flexible. The taste of food is actually belong to single individual. Even though in general it will be mentioned that this menu is very good taste and the other one is not good taste. Thus the ingredient will be also depending upon the request or the lust of the perspective food consumer.

The main point of making good taste of the foods

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  1. You have to know and understand all recipes for in the menu itself in details. For instance this kind of food  should used how many kind of ingredients. For instance for roasted chicken what are the ingredient included.
  2. Besides you have to understand what are the ingredient, you should know what kind of ingredient are.Whether blended, slice, powder,fresh ingredients, etc.
  3. You also need to understand the fixed amount of the ingredients for any difference  food. Certain kind of food will of course have difference amount of the ingredients.
  4. The amount of the ingredients and condiments of each. The mixture of the ingredients are also play very importance role in making good taste of the food. The perfect mixture of all recipes will create good taste of the meals. For example how much chili,how many chops of garlic,etc.
  5. The cooking processing steps need to consider as important in creating good result and delicious dish. When you must place certain recipes such as you will  place the beginning of the cooking process, in the middle or in the end of the cooking process.

Example of Recipes

Roasted Chicken Recipes

Roasted Chicken Recipes

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1.Roasted chicken

It is very popular menu, many people like it. There are many ways to bake the chicken whether using electronic baker (well known as an electronic appliances) or as what many people do for some years ago that is using charcoal.

Using the electronic tool is so simple, just put the chicken in the device, set the timing, the heat, and etc.

After the electronic tool itself runs for certain hours, it will automatically switch off by itself. After the time is coming, you just come to the table open electronic device and take out the chicken.

Other significant advantageous of using electronic device, it seemed that there will no risk occurred using this media.

Using charcoal is much more popular,  even though to do this is not as simple as  using electronic device. But  many people say that using charcoal, the taste will be much better. The chicken is rather soft, easy, and aromatic.

The ingredients 

  • Chili of 1/2 ounce ( this alternative )
  • chicken breast / thigh of 1/2 kg
  • Red onion 2
  • garlic of 5 chops
  • Candlenut 2
  • Ginger 1/5 ounce ( do not use ginger to much for roasted chicken
  • Galingale 2 once (species of a plant of ginger family )
  • Turmeric 1/3 ounce
  • These are all recipes of roasted chicken that most of  people do. Any how some people when baking chicken they do not like chili or and red union.  You need to blend some  ingredients  and some others in form of powder.

Using chili and red union will make the performance of chicken or the color will be rather back or brown. But if the purpose of the menu is for family menu they may place all recipes including the red union and or chili, due to the taste will be better even though the color is not so clear.

Method of cooking

  • Blend all the ingredients and apply the seasoning the chicken thoroughly.
  • Roast the chicken using electric appliance or charcoal.
  • Check the every side and continue roasting until chicken colour become brouwn.

All Recipes for Salmon Miso Soup

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2.Salmon Miso Soup

As you have understood that salmon fish can go along with many kinds of menu one among them is for soup recipe. Soup  are refer to the slow cooker.


  1. 2 pieces of Salmon Fish – just medium size ( clean it and it is much better for boneless )
  2. Tofu, 50 grams only and must have been cubed
  3. DASHI power 1 spoon only
  4. MISO paste 1 spoon to taste
  5. 150 gram of DAIKON ( White Radish )
  6. Mushroom OF 100 grams – ENOKI mushroom is preferable for this all recipes ingredient
  7. ½ CARROT ( peeled and cut in good sized chunks )
  8. Two spoon of WAKAME – dry one is preferable for this all recipes ingredients ( WAKAME is Japanese seaweed )
  9. Little bit of Korean DANGMYEON just handful only- Sweet potato noodles. For this all recipes if you could not find DANGYEON, you  may substitute with Japanese HARUSAME. Or it  depends upon the desire of the personal.
  10. SAKE is optional one
  11. One chopped of onion – scallions should be better.


  1. Preheat the stove, bring the DASHI powder to boil and transfer 1 – 2 ladles of hot stock to bowl ( medium of small size ) and stir well for dissolving the miso paste thoroughly.
  2. Make the appliance in medium heat or slow cooker and than place carrot and daikon. To make the ingredient soft, simmer for around 9 – 15 minutes long.
  3. Continue cooking this time you can place salmon and simmer for another 5 minutes or until the salmon is cooked.
  4. After that place other ingredients of mushroom, wakame, tofu, and also dangmyeon make it until wakame is reconstituted.
  5. For this all recipes – continue stirring to make good combination
  6. Back to the pot of miso  mixture,  pour it and stir evenly while the soup is still hot.
  7. Pour the chopped of spring onion. Enjoy your soup.

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