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By | October 18, 2015

It is surely believed that Quinoa Recipes  had been demonstrated by many people since thousands of years ago. Quinoa it self is originated from the Andean regions of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia.

This plant does not referred to the true grass family, but it is a member of the AMARANTHACEAE family, it is much related to resembled amaranth. The quinoa recipes are very similar to the recipes of AMARANTHACEAE family. Basically the cooking process of the seed of is relative closely to rice.

Quinoa recipes  are really suggested to serve either as a mean dish or as a side dish, quinoa is believed consisted of dry soil tolerance, high in protein, and nutrient. Vegetarian and vegan nicely ancient grain packs in the rich of nutrition with no sacrificing even an ounce family flavor.

Comparing to many kind of other cereal, quinoa is considered possessing favorable in its composition nutrient, phosphorus, iron, essential amino acids such as lysine and also calcium. Right  now many family cook this quinoa recipes.

 Cooking the Quinoa Recipes

Cooking with Quinoa recipes have lot of fun and much easier than what many people think about quinoa itself. There are many kinds of quinoa recipes can be made, it is depended upon your desire, below are some examples of quinoa recipes which can be considered.

Super Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa Mediterranean Salad                

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1. Quinoa Mediterranean Salad

It is very sure that you will enjoy one of quinoa recipes called Quinoa Mediterranean Salad, it is considered simple recipes,  not so complicated therefore many people can do it, just follow the direction it is sure that  you will get true quinoa Mediterranean salad from quinoa recipes.

Ingredients :

  1. Quinoa 0.5 cup only,
  2. 26 Kalamata olives,
  3. 0.5 bowl of fresh sliced union ( red union ),
  4. half package of cubed tofu,
  5.  one chop of garlic which have been skinned ( take out its root and skin ),
  6. 4 oz fat free feta,
  7. black pepper of half spoon,
  8. Greek vinaigrette dressing of ¼ cup only,
  9. 5 fresh tomatoes,
  10. olive oil is 0.5 spoon only,
  11. and 1.5  bowl of spinach ( medium bawl ).

 Cooking Steps

  • Place quinoa in  1 glass of water,
  • Boil it and reduce to simmer for  around fifteen  minutes,
  • Place other ingredients in medium or small bowl,  add baking sheet  and boil for around ten minutes until tom. Have nice time to try the quinoa recipes.

Quinoa Recipes for above ingredients and cooking process steps of Quinoa Mediterranean Salad are designed as closed as possible to related condition of  the menu. But any how like some references from other kinds of recipes from other sources they are still very flexible depend of the desire of the individual.

Good Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa with KELE salad

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2. Quinoa with KELE salad

Besides above quinoa recipes named Quinoa Mediterranean Salad, quinoa with KELE salad is also one of the recipes, I also very confident that you will like this quinoa recipes . It is easy to prepare and you will take short time to cook it. To cook this you use slow cooker recipes. The recipes and the cooking steps are little bit difference depend on your lust, as other kind of recipes suggested.


  1. Fresh water of 250 ml,
  2. 175 grams of cheese,
  3. 125 gram of quinoa,
  4. 175 grams of KISMIS (dried grape ),
  5. peanut 175 grams,
  6. 5 leaves of KELE (cut into small size ),
  7. ZAITUN oil ( OLEA EUROPAEA ) )1.5 spoon of ZAITUN oil,
  8. ¼ spoon of sea salt,
  9. original orange juice of 1 spoon,
  10. Mustard Dijon 0.5 spoon ( Mustard oil shall be for oil in some  areas ,  Mustard  Oil  for attributing to the properties such as stimulant, anti bacterial, irritant, appetizer, etc.),
  11. 0.5 spoon of black pepper powder,
  12. and one chop of garlic.

Cooking  Steps 

  • Cook  water wait until it boils then place quinoa in it, make the medium heat of the van and cover the van for some time around 15 minutes.
  • After that turn off completely the electric van or stove then take out the quinoa from the cooking van,
  • Filter it from the water, make it dry.
  • Wait for some times until quinoa become cold enough.
  • Place KELE mix them together with other ingredients stir them after they become solid combination then place quinoa in it,
  • It is ready to serve, this one of quinoa recipes
 Asparagus, Feta, and Asparagus Recipes

Quinoa Salad with Asparagus and Feta

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3. Quinoa Salad with Asparagus and Feta.

This is another menu  using quinoa as a main material. Asparagus Recipe could be also  more friendly with many things including with quinoa. Salad recipe  itself is also having many kinds of menu.  Now try this salad from quinoa and asparagus.


  1. 100 grams of leaves of baby rocket
  2. One cup of quinoa or around 150 grams ( clean it and drain )
  3. Olive oil for spraying
  4. Paprika one spoonful only
  5. Olive oil ( about 2 spoon only ) and honey 2 spoon too
  6. Asparagus 2 bunches, woody ends trimmed, for this quinoa recipes for making salad cut the quinoa in 4 cm lengths
  7. 1 capsicum the red and large, make it halved, seed, and should chop coarsely
  8. Lemon juice it is much better the fresh one 1 ½ spoonful
  9. Crumbled Lemons, reduced Fat Feta 75 g ( ½ cup )
  10. Seed kernels of sunflower 1/ 4  cup
  11. 4 Shallots, trimmed for this quinoa recipes slice them thinly
  12. Continental Parsley 2 spoons only, take the fresh one and chop

Method of Cooking

  1. Bring quinoa to boil, after that put in a bowl
  2. Cook asparagus in a large pan, spry with the oil, until tender crisp it will take for 2 or 3 minutes. Add asparagus,  Parsley, Capsicum, Feta, Kernels to the quinoa in the bowl.
  3. Make good mixture of the honey, lemon juice, oil and paprika
  4. Add this dressing and rocket to the mixture of quinoa
  5. Season with pepper and toss it to combine, make good and nice mixture. Enjoy this quinoa recipes – salad quinoa with asparagus and feta.
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