Pempek Recipes for PEMPEK Palembang

By | December 2, 2015

PEMPEK Palembang is very popular food in Palembang and beyond. Palembang is one of big cities in Indonesia of which Ampera Bridge is the icon or land mark of the city. PEMPEK or EMPEK – EMPEK both of them are common names and equally the same in term of names. It seems no body knows exactly what is the meaning of PEMPEK itself neither no one knows when and how it come to Palembang for the first time. Some people say that it can be as old as the city itself. Since then until now many people had demonstrated the recipes of PEMPEK Palembang

PEMPEK Palembang is from fish as one of the prominent recipes. Actually any fish, whether sea fishes such as Salmon Fish or fresh water fish, but the most common material  for pempek palembang  are Spanish Mackerel   Fish and GABUS. For the past period, there were abundance fishes  in almost everywhere in Palembang rivers and beyond.

Jembatan Ampera The icon of the city of Pempek Palembang

Ampera The icon of the city of Pempek Palembang

It is still firmly sticking in my mind about 25 years ago during my childhood in Palembang together with the closest friends of mine namely WIN, ANTO, JUAK, KAIS, etc. The experience is quite nice to remember, besides we played other games, conducted other activities and eat PEMPEK, we sometimes went fishing in a river and a big pool, it was very easy for us to get some fishes. By the abundance of the fishes some people are taking the opportunity to create some recipes of PEMPEK Palembang.

PEMPEK Palembang is Nutritious

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PEMPEK Palembang is delicacy enough at least that have convinced by many people who have eaten. It is my suggestion for every body who will visit Palembang, try to eat “submarine”.  I am sure if you are at that moment buy from the right shop you will like it very much. PEMPEK Palembang is nutritious enough more over if it is proceeded with complete recipes. It loads  nutritious contents of the recipes themselves such as mean recipes fish, egg, flour, dry shrimp, by seeing from those recipes, high vitamins, mineral, carbohydrate, etc.

Submarine is the most famous among PEMPEK Palembang

PEMPEK Palembang are so varieties in its sorts which you can find almost on every street and juncture in Palembang and beyond. This food refers to a side dish rather than mean dish. They consume PEMPEK almost every time, morning time, dinner time, and in the night. Most of people living in the city including kids like PEMPEK Palembang.

PEMPEK Palembang,  KAPAL SELAM ( submarine ) is the most famous among other and following by LENJER and skin. Submarine  is very huge name. There is one joke, some body launce question. “ Do you know who are the strongest people in the world.?” and the people around him are keeping in silence and now body an answer. Then he said that Palembang people,,,, because they consume submarine almost every day. PEMPEK KAPAL SELAM is made from gentle boiled of chicken egg wrapped by dough and boil again before deep-fried. This special PEMPEK Palembang which an egg in side of. 

Varieties of Pempek Palembang

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There are many kids of pempek   but at least there are four kinds  which are very famous namely :

 Pempek Palembang ; Kapal Selam

Kapal Selam or Indonesian Submarine,this type of pempek having an egg in side of it. Many people like to eat this pempek. Even though this is one of the very expensive among others. The making process of this one is  more difficult.

Pempek LenjerPempek Lenjer, basically the ingredients between pempek kapal selam and pempek lenjer are the same, the difference is only pempek kapal selam has an egg inside of it.

Pempek Skin is another kind of Pempek Palembang, this from the skin of the fish. Pempek Kulit is one of Pempek Palembang When they make the material for pempek kapal selam or for pempek lenjer, they separate the skin and the meat of the fish. The skin of the fish is for skin pempek while the meat is for other one.

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