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By | July 17, 2018

Oriental duck recipes surely will make people hungry very easily. They cannot wait for tasting the richness of the flavor which can be found in oriental duck recipe. People can try cooking oriental duck  salad which can offer them with delicious taste and health benefits with these recipes. So many kind of recipes created from duck as main ingredient such as duck leg recipes, duck egg recipes,etc.

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Oriental Duck Salad Recipes

Oriental Duck Recipes

Oriental reveal Duck Recipes

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For cooking the oriental duck recipes, people need to prepare some main ingredients. Duck surely becomes the main ingredients in this recipe but since it is made for salad, two duck breasts will be needed. It is better to use the skin on duck breast instead of the skinless one. People need to prepare 100 grams of bag salad with rocket and watercress within. 250 grams punnet of cherry tomatoes should also be prepared in this recipe and it should be cut in half.

A bunch of spring onion should be sliced diagonally. For dressing of oriental duck recipes, people need to prepare a clove of garlic and it must be grated. Fresh root ginger should be grated to get a tablespoon of it. The oriental taste can be found from the two tablespoons of soy sauce and three tablespoons of honey.

Before processing the ingredients for this one of oriental duck recipes, people need to heat the oven to 200 degree Celsius. Now, it is the time for preparing the duck breasts. The skin should be scored and then the duck can be seasoned with salt and pepper. For cooking the duck, they need to heat the non stick frying pan on the stove with high temperature. The duck breast must be added to the pan with the skin side down. The cooking should be done until the crispy skin can be found.

It is for about four minutes. Next, the duck breast should be turned over for underside browning before it can be transferred to the baking tray. As for the dressing, people need to mix the ingredients together. Two tablespoons of the dressing should be set aside while the rest of it should be spoon all over the duck breast. The duck should be roasted to get the pink color for about ten minutes. After removing it from the oven, it should be allowed to rest for about four minutes before it can be sliced into strips. Salads, spring onions, tomatoes, and of course the sliced duck should be tossed together and drizzled with the remaining dressing. People are ready to serve the oriental duck recipes.

Chinese Roast Duck

Oriental Duck Recipes

Oriental Duck Recipes

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Chinese Roast duck is one of oriental duck recipes. This recipe can be great alternative for celebration centerpiece. People will need two ducks, 140 grams of caster sugar, 6 seeds of star anise, large piece of ginger which is sliced, small bunch of spring onions that are chopped roughly two tablespoons of maltose or malt syrup, and three tablespoons of red wine vinegar. This recipe must be prepared a day before.

Four wooden skewers must be soaked in the water for about 20 minutes before it can be used for closing the duck cavities after it is seasoned with sugar, salt, ginger, spring onions, and star anise. Maltose and two tablespoons vinegar must be mixed in small bowl. Remaining vinegar needs to be added to boiling water so it can be poured over the ducks. The maltose mixture has to be smeared over the ducks and it must be kept in the fridge overnight uncovered.

Continue cooking this one of oriental duck recipes. Oven must be heated to 220 degree Celsius. A little water needs to be put in the large roasting tin while the duck is placed on rack over the top. It must be covered with foil. Roasting should be done for 45 minutes and after the foil is removed, it must be roasted again for 45 minutes. Before it can be carved, it should be allowed to rest for 20 minutes. Delicious oriental duck recipes are done.