Low carbohydrate fruits good for losing weight : Avocado > Strawberry

By | July 22, 2018

Low carbohydrate fruits are ones loved by many dieters. Conventional dieters are now heading on consumption the low carbohydrate fruits. This  will quell the sugar daily intake and stay satiated in between the meal time. It is because the low carbohydrate diet plan offers the amazing result on weight loss after taking the sufficient amount of net carbohydrates and fiber in the daily consumption.

Besides, it is also believed that fiber is tremendously helpful to reduce the weight and improve the health. In accordance with this fact, here are some low carbohydrate fruits that contains more fiber and less carbohydrate. This will speed up your diet process. 

Low Carbohydrate Fruits


All dieters believe that cantaloupe  refers to low carbohydrate fruit. It is a kind of fruit that possesses the low calorie and low carbohydrate that offers rich vitamin A.  In addition, this fruit is also capable of sustaining the healthy eye and skin. Besides  that, it also could help to enhance the immune system.

Total carbohydrates in a cup  is 14.44 carbohydrates with 1,6 gram fiber and 12.84 gram of net carbohydrates. To create the amazing taste of cantaloupe. You can combine this fruit with chopped melon, sliced green onion, cucumber and cilantro with lime juice. Topping them and served with roasted chicken.


With 14.69 gram of total carbohydrates in a cup, 2.3 gram fiber and 12.39 gram net carbohydrates  in peaches. Peaches  is one of the low carbohydrate fruit that cut out your belly fat faster. A study conducted in Texas A&M University  states that stone fruits like peaches are rich phenolic components. It can repel the obesity, high cholesterol and possible inflammation. Thus, it is good idea to have low carbohydrate diet with the consumption of peaches to gain the weight loss goals.


Strawberry contains of 11.67 gram total carbohydrates, 3 gram fiber and 8.67 gram net carbohydrates. It is also good source of polyphenols. This beneficial chemical nutrient promotes to reduce the obesity and prevent from fat-forming process.

According to latest study conducted by Texas.  Woman’s University states that feeding the mice with the berries also helps to prevent from the fat-formation process in the body. So that it is good idea to consume this low carbohydrate fruits as the part of daily meals.


Among the low carbohydrate  fruits, avocado might be the best choice for some dieters. Since it comprises of 5.88 gram total carbohydrates, 4.6 gram fiber and 1.28 gram net carbohydrates. Even though avocado belongs to the rich healthy fat fruit, this one seeded fruit is also great sources of monounsaturated fat. and addition, it promotes to reduce the possible risk of heart disease and ward off the hunger. A study states that taking an avocado in the luncheon helps to repel the appetite around 40 percent.

Not all fruits are good source for weight loss goal and only some of them with the good low carbohydrate amount will be the best choice to consume as the daily consumption in the meal time. Many  dieters get used to take the mentioned fruits above in order to ward off the hunger or repel the appetite. Therefore, it is good option for shopping list to put some of fruits of low carbohydrate..

By Lindri