Low carb diet might Reduce the healthy glycogen

By | July 22, 2018

Low carb diet is popular and many people chose it. Obese people living in this earth are now dreaming of gaining weight loss. They  spend hundred dollars to buy some diet supplements, going to gym and going through strict diet program. All the effort might come to naught due to the lack of nutritional information that the body requires to burn more calories. Some of the dieters believe that low carb diet will help them to change their lives. With the great effort to follow the do and the don’ts.

Elimination the need of carbohydrates drastically leads to the incapability of doing the activity. Carbohydrates is the great source of energy for the active person. Thing that you need to look out on the low carb diet program is to consume the sufficient amount of carbohydrates per day. If you keep insisting on running your strict low carbohydrate diet, you might encounter these following risks.

Low carb diet risks

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 Reduce the healthy glycogen

low-carb-dietAs you undergo the low carb diet, you will encounter the risk of glycogen depletion that turns you dehydrated. Initial perception on eliminate the carb intake will offer the quick result on achieving the weight loss goal. Whereas this actually causes the muscles loss. The lack of glycogenesis – formation of glycogen found in the liver and muscles – might turn out the body into lack of the glucose. The glucose used as the fuel which plays the big role as the source of energy in daily activities.

Get fatigue easily

As mentioned above, that low carb diet causes to the lack of muscle fatigue that will make you tired easily. It indirectly affects to the depletion of muscle glycogen. The important role of glycogen that latter will break down into glucose. The glucose used as fuel leaves unnoticed and as result the dieter will lack on the adequate source of energy. The significantly affects to the caloric expenditure and digestive system in the body.

Suffer from muscle atrophy

Another possible risk of running low carb diet is the depletion of muscle glycogen. That causes the serious symptoms of muscle atrophy or muscles loss. It is because the lack of muscle glycogen that portrays the role as the fuel makes the dieter less active than before. So that the dieter might suffer from the muscles loss and inability to sustain the muscle tone. In addition, when the body lacks on the adequate carb, the body will use protein converted to glucose as the fuel that causes the rapid muscle loss.

Long term health problem

Some people who undergo the low carb diet will strictly limit the consumption of carbohydrate and this put the lever under stress since the lever works hard to produce the glucose manufactured from protein and fats. This, latter, leads to the production of potential toxin called ammonia, as the protein is converted into glucose.

As result of this long term health disorder due to low carb diet, your immune system gets impaired slowly as the result of the pathogenic bacteria infection. In addition, the dieter’s body will fail to produce glycoproteins that ultimately play the significant role in cellular functions.

Low carb diet will come to success when the dieter does understand the amount of calories intake and know the good and bad carbohydrates source to consume, since not all carbohydrates significantly play the big role to gain the weight loss goal. If the dieter undergoes the strict low carb diet without considering the amount of nutrients intake, the possible risks might lead to long term health problems as mentioned above.

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