Losing Weight After Pregnancy : Proper Exercise and GI Diet

By | July 21, 2018

Losing weight after pregnancy is now very popular but many people still fail to do it. The most difficult thing to do is losing weight after pregnancy. If you have experienced it before, we believe that you will  agree about what we have said.

Losing weight is not something hard to do, but if you want to lose weight after pregnancy, that is something that you need to do properly and off course carefully. Why you cannot lose your weight like other? It is because after pregnancy, you will need to give breastfeeding. When you give breastfeeding, you cannot consume any weight loss medication. Beside of that, losing weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding also consuming a lot of energy.

So, do you need a help for losing your weight? Do you experience overweight condition after pregnancy? If you want to lose your weight while giving breastfeeding, then you can try out our method. Please read this article to understand the best way to reduce your weight after pregnancy.

Losing Weight after Pregnancy good to be combined with GI Diet and Exercise

As the result of giving breastfeeding, you will not able to consume any weight loss medication. It is because that medication will affect to the breastfeeding. So, the best result for losing weight after pregnancy is with using GI diet plan and do exercise properly. Why GI diet is suitable to use in this condition? Here are some reasons:

  • It is not dangerous diet plan

GI diet plan is not dangerous diet plan that will make you suffer. That is the reason, this diet plan is suitable to use for reducing your weight after pregnancy.

  • It is also controlling your blood sugar level

Using GI diet plan is not only able to help losing your weight. This diet plan is also able to control your blood sugar level. You need to know that pregnant condition will increase the blood sugar level, and you need to control it after pregnancy.

  • It gives your body needs

GI diet plan is not like other diet plan. This diet plan is not limiting your needs. GI diet even makes your body get what it needs. That is why, it is also suitable enough to use for losing weight after second pregnancy.

  • It supports breastfeeding

The other thing that make GI diet plan is good enough to help losing weight after pregnancy is because this diet plan supports breastfeeding. You will not find problem while giving breastfeeding to your baby because your body get anything they needs.

Losing Weight after Pregnancy conducted by proper Exercise 

Well, GI diet is good for losing weight after pregnancy. However, you also need to do exercise to boost the result. So, what kind of exercise that suitable for losing weight after pregnancy fast?

If you are using GI diet plan, than we suggest you to do cardio exercise type. You can start running or jogging frequently with keep doing GI diet plan. Cardio exercise is working very well with GI diet for losing weight after pregnancy.