9 Tips for Losing Belly Fat – You will be Prettier and Healthier

By | July 22, 2018

Losing belly fat is the main purpose of the woman in order to get the proportional performance. It is because the woman is easy to get the big belly especially after uttering a baby. But for the single woman also feel easy to get the big belly because the much composition of a hormone. The hormonal of a woman is higher than the hormone of the man.

When the woman eats much food, they will get the increased weight also. Then it makes a problem. The problem is about the difficulty to decrease the belly. So the result is the amount of the fat woman is higher than the lean woman.

So, diet is one of the win-win solutions losing belly fat. This main purpose that makes them doing the hard diet. And in fact, there is some failed diet. They want to have a slimmer belly, but they get the serious illness, like maag, fever, headache, and others. Those are happen because they don’t do the best diet program. They decrease all the fat food. Whereas, while diet is happening, our body still needing the enough calories.

 9 tips for losing belly fat safely

  • Eat the fiber food

Fiber is very important to support the metabolism. It will make our body fresh and won’t be worried about the lack of calories. The fruit and vegetables are the recommended of fiber food.

  • Drink green tea

In the ½ cup of green tea, there are 625 antioxidant that will help the body to gain the fat.

Yoga is being the one of the calm sport for losing belly fat. We can do Yoga for about 2 up to 10 minutes.

  • Pucker up

It consists of proteins that will burn the fat of our belly and finally will be losing belly fat of ours

  • Consume the enough polyunsaturated food.

The polyunsaturated food that we can consume are nuts, seeds, and fish, those are all for losing belly fat

  • Don’t decrease the protein much

As we talked before that our body always need the protein although we are in the diet process. So we should fulfill the needed of protein or our body but we decrease the portion.

  • Never stop moving

Moving is also being the one tips for losing belly fat. The moving here means the active act. We can do it as the sports activity or we do our daily activity.

  • Earlier sleeping time

We should sleep according to our scheduled of the sleeping time. It is important to renew the energy that we had used in the day.

  • Doing sit up regularly

Sit-up is also important to be done for losing belly fat. It is because the sit up will make the muscle of belly stronger. Then the fast will be decreased.

Those tips are the best act that we can do to get the best diet. The best diet will recommend the healthy diet with consuming the healthy food and healthy activity. The important thing is doing much exercise that focuses for losing belly fat .

By Lindri