Liquid Diet for Having Safe and healthy Diet – Follow the tips

By | July 22, 2018

Liquid diet is being the one kind of diet program. Maybe we are still strange about it. But actually it is familiar but we do not aware about it. When we are doing diet, we are decreasing the amount of food toward our body. But, we also drink some juice, from vegetable juice or fruit juice.

The condition of diet that is also drinking juice or other nutrition liquid is being called a liquid diet. Some liquid that can be drunken  is fruit juice, like apple juice, orange juice, mango juice, avocado juice, and others. While the vegetable juice that be drunken are tomato juice, cucumber juice, spinach juice, and much more.

The liquid that can be used in the liquid diet are limited to the fruit and also vegetables. We can drink the juice in three or four times in a day. We can drink it as the representative of breakfast time and lunch time. While for dinner time, we can eat the healthy snack or food or eat fruit. But actually, we can eat breakfast with the carbohydrate food, like bread or rice as the main energy for doing an activity. But we should decrease the portion.

Liquid diet rule

The role of this diet is also similar to the usual diet were done. The purpose of diet is for decreasing thee calorie. So we can get enough calorie form drinking the juice. While we won’t get the slim posture in the fast, by it needs processes by doing it routinely.

While we do the usual diet, we also recommend to drink some healthy drink, like juice or some supplement liquid. And the availability of this liquid diet is the supported diet. It will support the usual diet for full filing the enough calorie of the body.

This diet is also as the controller. Although we do not eat the enough solid food, but we get the calorie from the liquids we consume. This diet is safe, because it will decrease 400 up to 800 calories per day. It is natural diet without the bad effect like we consume the chemical supplement we got from doctor recipe.

Even, when we are doing liquid diet, we will feel like usual. Because we are in obedient to consume vegetable and fruit in everyday for making the metabolism and excretion process become fluent. So by having this diet, our metabolism will be better and better.

Tips for Having Liquid diet

This diet is also recommended diet from doctor to the obesity people. Because the obesity people is in the top of the high risk of health. They should be helped by having the liquid food from vegetable and fruit for making the fat decreased. Then this liquid diet is also recommended for the patient who wants to the weight surgery.

Some tips for having liquid diet:

  1. Having a consultation with the doctor
  2. Knowing the dietitian rule of this liquids type. It is important because we will be recommended to get the bests treatment when diet.
  3. Make sure about the main composition of the liquid we consume along the diet process.

This liquid system for diet is a safety like the usual diet, but we should do it properly as well as the rule. Get the intimate consultation with the doctor and do the diet with the recommended portion. Getting healthier and leaner through

By Lindri