Lemonade diet could lose your diet in a very short of time

By | July 22, 2018

Lemonade Diet is very popular especially since Beyoncé managed to lose 20 pounds in ten days using this method for her movie role. Lemonade Diet was actually created in 1940 by Stanley Burroughs. This diet is different because it’s not only done to lose weight, but most importantly to detoxified and cleanse your body.

The method actually sounds pretty extreme but it really can help you lose weight in a very short amount of time. Due to the nature of this diet, it is best if you find out more information about the methods before trying it.

Lemonade Diet and its Benefits

There are many benefits we can get from Lemonade diet. In this modern era, we often unintentionally come into contact with and even consume toxins. This diet will help to get rid of those toxins from your body. In result, your overall health will increase. This diet will eliminate the toxins in your blood stream, vital organ, digestive system and certainly your skin.

After ten days of diet with lemonade. You will have more youthful skin, keep stroke and high blood pressure at bay and have better metabolism. And due to the method of the diet, you will lose significant amount of weight without exercise.

How to Do Lemonade Diet

This is a very low calorie diet that consists mostly of liquid. To do this diet, you need to prepare salt water, lemonade mixture and laxative tea. The lemonade mixture is made of 1 squeezed lemon, 300 milliliter water, around 2 table spoons sugar-free maple syrup and just a little bit of cayenne paper. It’s not going to taste good but it works well to detox your body.

A night before you start Lemonade diet, you need to drink the laxative tea to empty your stomach. After that, you must drink the salt water first thing in the morning with empty stomach. You are allowed to eat but your calorie consumption must be limited to no more than 650 calorie. Every time you feel hungry. You can drink the lemonade mixture around 6 to 12 glasses a day. Before you go to bed. Don’t forget to drink the laxative tea again. Do this for 6 to 12 days and you will see the result of your hard work.

Things You Need to Pay Attention To

If you wonder whether this diet will work or not, the answer is of course it will work. You cut your calorie intake 60% and you drink laxative every single night. It will not shape your body but you definitely will lose weight very fast.

However, you need to remember that this diet is not for everyone. A diet consists of mainly liquid will make you feel really weak for the first several days and you are not allowed to do any heavy exercise. You also cannot do this diet if you have gastric problems since this diet requires you to drink huge amount of acidic lemon. You also need to know that Lemonade diet is only suitable to detox your body and not for long term diet.

By  Lindri