How to reduce belly fat in short time : Exercise and Healthy Diet

By | July 21, 2018

How to reduce belly fat– the accumulation of fat in the belly will be a source of diseases such as constipation, obesity, cholesterol, and others. In addition, a protruding belly makes people feel insecure. When seen someone with a protruding belly look very unattractive.

Potbelly not only occurs in men but in women too. The cause of the accumulation of belly fat caused by many things such as the habit of consuming alcohol, fizzy drinks, fatty foods, lazy to exercise and others. Something to reduce fat in the abdomen is very difficult, but actually, reduce fat in the abdomen is not difficult.

There are several things you can do to reduce fat in the abdomen such as diet, exercise, taking drugs and others. With effort and regularly, you can reduce the belly fat  easily  so the stomach  is not bloating. For those of you who want to lose belly fat, this is how to reduce belly fat that you can make reference to your diet program.

How to reduce belly fat in short time with an Exercise

How to reduce belly fat is to exercise. Exercise is very important for health because it can increase the body’s metabolism. If you want to lose belly fat you should exercise every day. Do exercise can burn belly fat faster than others, it such as sit-ups, push-ups, skipping and the other. Do at least 30 minutes a day. With sports regularly, fat in the body especially in the stomach, will burn and downhill.

Besides with exercise, how to reduce belly fat is to consume green tea. The green has a kind of poly phone content of antioxidants are beneficial for the health of the body, skin, and hair. Additionally, green tea is also beneficial to increase the body’s metabolism so can reduce belly fat.  You can consumption of green tea every day, morning and afternoon. To get the maximum results, do not add too much sugar.

Next how to reduce belly fat is vitamin C. One of the nutrients that can enhance the body’s metabolism is vitamin C. Vitamin c can convert fat into energy so if consumed regularly the body fat will be reduced. To get the vitamin c you need to consume vegetables and fruits.

 How to reduce belly fat healthy and safety with Healthy Diet

How to reduce belly fat healthy fat is the best way to make a healthy diet, so you still pay aThe 3 Week Dietttention to your health. The way is reducing sugar and increased protein. Sugar is one cause of fat in the body, so you should avoid foods that contain lots of sugar. By contrast, consumption of high amounts of protein because protein is harder to digest so you do not easily feel hungry. Intake of protein you get from meat, eggs, processed soy and others.

Next is to consume water. Effectively how to reduce belly fat by using water, as we know water has many health benefits. One is to lose belly fat. With consumption of water at least 8 glasses a day then the fat and toxins in the body, including the abdominal fat will reduce and clean.

How to reduce belly fat can be done in various ways, the most important thing you have to do it regularly. Change your lifestyle to become healthier with exercise more and eat nutritious food.