High protein diet is also good to practice : Enjoy High Protein

By | July 22, 2018

High protein diet is one of the controversial diets. Because as we know that when we are having diet, we can’t eat protein food highly. We should decrease the consuming of the protein food, like an egg, meat, milk, and others.

Actually, our body always need protein. Although we have diet, we should consume enough protein. Because the main function of the protein is to repaired the broken cells of the body. Besides, protein also gives the more energy for the body.

So having the high protein diet is never mind. We don’t need to be worried if our diet program will be failed when we are still consuming the high protein food. There are 40 protein food that we can consume for supporting the diet.

Kinds of High Protein Diet

There are nine kinds of high protein diet.They are high protein dairy, high protein meat, high protein seafood, high protein canned foods, high protein Deli, high protein snacks, high protein Produce, high protein Foods, and high protein Grains.

For the high protein dairy

14 gram per ½ cup Cottage cheese, 23 gram per 8 oz. Greek Yoghurt, 6 gram per 1 large Eggs, 8 gram per 1 0z. Swiss cheese, 8 gram per 1 cup Milk, and 24 gram per scoop of Whey protein

Then the high protein meat

 23 gram per 3 oz. of steak, 18 gram per 3 oz. of ground beef, 26 gram per 3 oz. pork chops, 24 gram per 3 oz. of chicken breast, and 24 gram per 3 oz. of turkey Beast.

For the high protein seafood that will fulfill the needed of high protein diet area

25 gram per 3 oz. of Yellowfin tuna, 23 gram Halibut, 25 gram Octopus, 23 grams Sockeye salmon, and 21 gram Tilapia.

The high protein canned foods

24 grams Anchovies, 24 gram Corned Beef, 22 gram Light Tuna, 21 gram Chicken, 21 grams Sardines, 20 grams navy beans, and 13 gram Dried Lentils. While the high protein Deli are 18 gram Roast Beef, 15 grams Canadian bacon, 21 grams Chorizo, 18 grams Pepperoni, and 18 gram Roasted Turkey Breast.

The high protein snacks

13 gram Jerky, 8 grams Peanut Butter, 6 gram Mixed Nuts, and 4 gram Bean Chip. Then the High protein produce are 16 grams Smoothie Drinks and 12 grams Tofu.

The high protein Frozen Foods

8 gram per ½ cup of Edamame, 7 gram per 1 cup of Green peas, and 6 gram per ½ cups of Frozen Greek Yoghurt. Then the high protein Grains are 6 gram per 1 oz. of Wheat Germ, 12 gram per 3 oz. of Soba Noodles, and 8 gram per 1 cup of Quinoa.

Those high protein foods have the standard dosage to make the high protein diet fluent. Those food support the stability of this kind of diet. By having the best consumption of the protein, our muscle will be renewable.

At least we should consume 1 gram protein for supporting the body’s metabolism. But we should cook the food in short time. Because of cook make the protein inside decreased. So, it is recommended to do high protein diet.

By Lindri