High fiber diet :Try and enjoy this way to lose your weight safely

By | July 21, 2018

High fiber diet is a kind of diet in which you try to lose your weight by eating high fiber foods. we need fiber  even when you are not on high fiber diet. Fiber is going to make your digestive system better and also your metabolism system better. If both systems in your body are going well, the fat burning process is also going to be great.

This fat burning process converts excess fat to energy. If the excess fat is not converted into energy, they will remain being fat and it will make you gaining weight more and more. Fiber is also good to maintain your digestive organs. If you  interest in high fiber diet, you can do several recipes below.

High Fiber Diet Recipes

Cabbage Soup

Cabbage soup is such a great dish that can easily make you full and contains lots of nutrition. If you make soup with beautiful fresh ingredients and the healthy ones, surely you can lose lots of weight with soup only. One of the best ingredients for soup is cabbage.

This is very delicious, lean, and most importantly. It has lots of fiber in it. You can make cabbage soup with vegetable broth and herbs. Eat the soup throughout the high fiber diet and do not eat anything else. It will make you lose weight really quickly. If you want to add other ingredients to go along with the cabbage. Make sure that the ingredients are not fatty ingredients such as fat or dairy.


Berries are so rich of fiber. They are so high in digestive fiber, in particular. That is why berries can help you lose weight in short amount of time. High fiber diet will be more effective with berries in it. It is also rich of phytonutrients that can keep the health of the eyes and the skin. To use berries in your daily meal, surely you can have them as they are or you can process them into smoothie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are so delicious and will make your high fiber diet successful.


Grapefruit is probably the best high fiber fruit that you can have for your high fiber diet. Grapefruit is very lean, high in fiber, and rich of vitamin C. It can help boosting your immune system and also make your digestive and metabolism system better.

Beside of that, grapefruit is also packed with certain nutrition and enzymes that can help you burning excess fat in your body. Grapefruit can be eaten in so many ways and can be turned into so many dessert and dishes. However, in using grapefruit make sure you do not use it along with fatty ingredients.


Many people on high fiber diet tend to avoid breakfast. This is a huge mistake. Breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day and you should have breakfast, even when you are on high fiber diet.

Did you know that a lot of breakfast meals are rich in fiber? Oats, cereals, banana, and so on are packed with fiber. That is why you can have these breakfasts and make your high fiber diet successful.