Healthy Diet : Eat food vegetable, fruit and other in healthy portion

By | July 22, 2018

Healthy diet is being recommended diet. It is important to be because it will decide the healthiness of the body. There are some causes of the bad diet style. Some of them do a diet with big ambition for having proportional weight without considering about the healthy.

The diet user is almost done by the woman. Most of the woman are having the big of unconfidently. When her weight increased, they will do a diet. Furthermore, they do diet as the way to keep her beauty.

 Criterion of healthy diet

The meaning of healthy diet itself is to eat the healthy food, it can be consist of the vegetable and fruit and also the less carbohydrate food. We should consume fruit and vegetable in the best portion. We can consume it as the solid food or as the liquid form. The liquid form can be gotten from the juice, shake, and others.

Then the healthy diet is also called when we do diet and also doing the exercise. So we still do the normal activities. Instead of decreasing the fat and over calorie from limited food, we also decreasing the fat from the exercise.

  1. Eating the variety food. All the food have its nutrient that is important for our body. When diet, we should eat variety food to get the variety benefit of the food.
  2. Think about the portion. We should have the smaller portion than the usual portion. It is important to decrease the over calorie for the body.
  3. Eat vegetables and fruit. For having a healthy diet, we should consume at least 2 ½ cup of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit. It will give 2000 calorie for our diet program.
  4. Eat more grains. The grains is also important to give the fiber and nutrient needed of our body. Some grains that we can consume are wheat, barley, and oats.
  5. Decrease consuming sugar
  6. Eat more fish and nuts. Both will give enough protein for our body.
  7. Decrease the consuming of fat. It can be from meat. Bread, chicken, etc.
  8. Use the vegetable oil while cooking. The usual cooking oil will increase our cholesterol of blood. So we should replace the usual cooking oil with the vegetable oil.
  9. Actually, we avoid the cholesterol, but we need it also in our body. The minimal needed standard of cholesterol for our body is about 300 milligram. So we can eat cholesterol food but limited based on the needed.
  10. Potassium is better. Potassium is the important element of banana. It is the gainer of sodium. We can do banana morning for the breakfast menu in the healthy diet.
  11. Eat calcium and vitamin D more. There are 100 up to 1200 milligram calorie from the food that has more calcium and vitamin D.
  12. Decrease the supplement consumption. The supplement does help us to decrease the weight. It only helps to keep the energy. So eat more food than the supplements.
  13. Liquid calories are better. We do liquid diet is also the recommended diet. We can get the calorie from the fruit and vegetable that is in the liquid form.
  14. Limit alcohol. Alcohol will make the new problem of the health.

It is no difficult to get the proportional body through diet. We should manage our diet program in order to do the best of the healthy diet.

By Lindri