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By | August 5, 2016

Hawaiian recipes of the currently tending popular called mini baked ham sandwiches recipe. This  is the small sandwich that use the combination of tasty and original tender ham and Swiss cheese that create the delicate texture. Among any other Hawaiian recipes, the mini baked ham sandwich recipe belongs to the super easy recipe because it merely takes around 30 minutes so that the mini baked ham sandwiches recipe does suits to practice and serve as the morning breakfast.

Like some other Hawaiian recipes,  the mini baked ham sandwiches recipe contains of some benefit nutrition like 208 gram of calories so that it is good to energize your body to start the day. If you think that one of  this Hawaiian recipes called mini baked sandwiches recipe deserves to try, let’s get practice this recipe in home.

Hawaiian recipes – The mini baked ham sandwiches recipe

Hawaiian Recipes

Mini Baked Sandwiches 


  • 1 pound of ready-to-eat ham, for the Hawaiian recipes, you need slicing
  • Swiss cheese of 1 pound, sliced
  • 1 stick of butter
  • Dijon mustard. For the hawaiian recipes you need 1 and half spoon only
  • Worcestershire sauce of 1/2 tbs
  • Dried Minced onion for 1/2 tbs
  • A King’s Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls containing 12 packs


  1. First, put the melted butter, mustard, sauce and onion in the bowl and mix them well
  2. Then, unpack the Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls and cut horizontally into halves
  3. Prepare the pan with 9 x 13 inch in size or another pan with large enough size the put the bottom part of the rolls on it
  4. Place the thinly sliced ham and after that put the sliced Swiss cheese on the ham
  5. Next, take the top rolls and place it on the Swiss cheese ham and do all the remaining rolls
  6. After that, drizzle the top of the rolls with the mixture of butter, mustard, sauce and onion.
  7. Make sure that the sliced onion are well-distributed on the top of rolls
  8. Transfer to the fridge for a whole night
  9. Then, prepare the oven in the medium flame to 350 degrees Celsius and put the rolls into the oven and leave for 15 until 20 minutes.
  10. Finally, take all the baked rolls out of the oven and serve it in separate tray

There are lots of Hawaiian recipes that easy to follow because they provide simple directions and ingredients. This of Hawaiian recipes called mini baked sandwiches recipe yields around 12 pieces of sandwiches. Therefore, try this recipe and serve it to your loved one for morning starter. Remember the Hawaiian Recipes.

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