Ground Beef Recipes : Hamburger, Sausages, and Cottage Pie

By | November 28, 2015

Ground beef recipes are becoming more and more used by many people to cook ground beef it self. So many ground beef recipes variations have been demonstrated by many people.  Ground beef recipes are becoming very popular in line with the ground beef itself become more popular. In many cities the sales demand graphic of ground beef is much higher than the ones of original meat.

Many people call it as a Ground beef, or beef mince, or  minced meat,

Meat Beef is the process of Ground Beef Recipes

Meat Beef is the process of Ground Beef Recipes

is made from original material beef as based, original meat itself is grinded or chopped using traditional of sophisticated machinery, using technology well known as advance technology, depending upon to the output  need to produce. There are many kinds of ground beefs are produced, the difference can be the size, the color, the content, and the performance. Difference kind will be difference taste and most of them are relatively sold out. Many people prepare difference ground beef recipes for difference kinds of ground beef. 

Some of the facts that may make  the ground beef is becoming more popular

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Ground Beef Recipes are relatively cheaper comparing the original meat.

You do not need to bring lot of money  in order that to get ground beef due to the price is relatively stable.The price of original meat is tending to change time to time. Not only the ground beef itself is very cheap the recipes are also very cheap.

Ground beef  offers so many choices.

Many mothers like this kind of meat due to many choices or alternative, due to one brand promote certain taste and size. She would buy one type of ground beef depends upon what kind of ground beef recipes will be made.

Ground beef is so easy to get.

Many people sell this kind of meat, it can be bought from supermarket, minimarket, or even in small stall, and most of them there is no need to spend lot of time to reach the store or stall, and neither need to queue up in order to get this. The ground beef recipes are also  mostly easy to prepare.

Ground beef recipes or the use of ground beef are so many. Some of the uses of ground beef which are very poplar in the world among others  Hamburger, Sausages, and Cottage Pie

Hamburger Recipes is one of ground beef recipes

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1. Hamburger

Meat hamburger is one of the ground beef recipes. The main material or ingredient of this hamburger is ground beef besides other ingredients such bread, salad, tomato, onion,  etc. depend upon the style.  Other kind of burger from fish such as Salmon Burger or turkey burger.

Many people also call Burger for Hamburger, This Hamburger is believed from the world of Hamburg, one of the cities in Germany so they also call that ground beef recipes are coming from Germany. Even though some people convince that the hamburger is not from name of Hamburg.

Regardless the history of the words, the facts that nowadays Hamburgers are sold at fast-food restaurants, café, stall, coffee shop, and specialty and high-end restaurants. The people eat hamburger at lunch time, dinner time, brunch time, and almost of all the times the people eat one this popular ground beef recipes.

Stuffed Turkey Burgers

Stuffed Turkey Burgers is also very popular nowadays besides other kind of burger ,  this burger is one of the variety of ground beef recipes. This aromatic burger is made basically from ground turkey breast , the recipes of this kind of burger is very simple comparing to other kind burger and the method also is very easy, I thought you and your family might like this stuffed Turkey Burger

  • ¼ spoon of sea salt
  • Ground black pepper for seasoning , just considered enough and do not too much
  • Roasted red pepper,
  • 1/2 cup only and chopped
  • ½ cup shredded cheese
  • One piece of meat burger, ground turkey, the breast part is preferable for this ground beef recipes . You can buy this ground beef or you can make by yourself.
How to Make
  • Cut the ground turkey,
  • Make it equally the same size Sprinkle one side of one  of the turkey with cheese,
  • Roasted red pepper,
  • Top or place other part of  ground turkey breast Seasoning with salt and black pepper,
  • Grill or broil until each side cooked well, Take out from roaster and wrap with bread.

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2. Sausages

One of ground beef recipes is for sausages. Something like burger, sausages is also made from ground beef. This sausages is easy for making other recipes such as cake recipes, for soup recipes, it is also good to be cooked together for green bean recipes  and courgette recipes There are many kinds or type of sausages sold in some stores. The kinds of sausages basically based on

  1. The color
  2. The size
  3. The contents which is sometime stated in the sausages box cover. The contents is very importance, basically the ground beef recipes will be made by  based on this content

Most of sausages consumers are kids, kid like this ground beef recipes very much. This is due to the sausages is very soft ( very easy to be eaten or chewed ), the ground beef recipes for this is moderately easy to process. For example be sautéed or baked.

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3. Cottage Pie

Ground beef recipes can be for making  cottage pie. Cottage pie is also made from ground beef, this cottage pie is very popular more over in Britain. It is crucial material for meatloaf, tacos, sloppy,  etc.

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