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By | October 23, 2015

Green Bean Recipes have believable been introduced to  some people since some years ago. Difference with quinoa, quinoa grew up in certain place only, but we can find green beans  easily  almost everywhere.

When you have time go to traditional market you will see that the green bean there. Tray to go to supermarket mostly sure that you will also find the green bean there.Before making green bean recipes, you have to prepare good green bean that is the very important thing or  key player of the delicious of green bean taste.

Every commodity has difference way of observing the quality condition. We can easily observe good quality of green bean means they are  still young and fresh. At least these two standards will promote good taste of  green bean recipes.

Good green bean for better taste of green bean recipes from the color. They have strong and clear color not dark or brown. To see whether they are fresh and or still young, you can break one of them, if  you  can  break it easily means it refers to good green bean. If  it could not be broken or it is bended only classified them as not good green bean. Green bean which is  good enough for cooking is the one which is still young and fresh. Better green bean with better green bean recipes will produce good green bean taste.

Some of Easy Green bean recipes

Green bean recipes are very simple to do, so many ways to cook green bean, I pretty sure that as long as you have good green bean you shall surely get good taste from green beans themselves. Whether your green bean will be as a side dishes or as a main menu. Below are some example of green bean recipes.

Steamed Green Been Recipes

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1. Steam Green Bean

Steaming the green bean is  one of the very popular among other  green bean recipes. To steam bean is much easier,

  • just take some good green bean and cut the two edge ends of bean or do not cut no problem everything shall be fine.
  • Take steamer, put some water, make it sure that the water is not reach the filter or still under the steamer basket.
  • Place the green bean
  • Switch on  the steamer and set the time and the level of the heat regular heat to moderate.
  • To steam the green been you only need just a few minutes. In order that the color and the taste of the green bean is still good.

You could steam some minutes, take one as the example then try to eat ( after it is not too hot any more ) if you consider it has been good enough as test, take them all and laid in the dish. Wait for while ( do not put them in the freezer to make them cool enough ). No you can enjoy this green bean recipes.

Green Bean Recipes

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2.Boiling or blanching 

Other one of green bean recipes is boiling green bean. It is also very easy to do.

  • Take a medium or large saucepan over medium-high heat, bring the water to a gentle boil. There is no need  a pan basket to this, because the green bean will be plunged to the boiled water directly.
  • Place the selected green bean in a gentle boiling water for some seconds.
  • After  a few minutes see the condition of the green bean, if the green bean has been soft you can drain them in order that they will be cold.
  • There is no need to put them into freezer to make them cold.

The ingredients which many people do for this recipes are sea salt, red onion, garlic, and taste enhancer. Place all the green bean recipes together with green bean at the beginning or at first time the green bean plunged to the gentle boiling water.

 Sesame Green Bean Recipes

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3.Sesame Green Bean Recipes

As other kind of recipes such as asparagus recipes, we can innovate green bean recipes  to give some variation to the people to taste difference recipes. This is Sesame Green Bean Recipes, this is very simple but offer surprised flavor.


  1. Sesame seeds of 1 spoonful only
  2. For seasoning use enough sea salt and black pepper. The amount of salt and black pepper should be based upon your standard of taste. For this green bean recipes,
  3. If you need more hot might be you could add some more black pepper.
  4. One spoon of oil. For this particular green bean recipes use olive oil for this menu is better
  5. Green bean 1 pound only, cut the two end of the bean ,select the ones which are still young.
  6. Chicken broth ¼ grams.

Method of cooking

  • Take oven or skillet,
  • Preheat and set over medium of heat and place oil in it.add sesame seeds,
  • Continue cooking until the  color of the sesame turn in to darken then  stir in green bean.
  • Stirring till the green bean is fairly soft.
  • Pour in chicken broth, salt and black pepper,
  • Cover the skillet for about ten minutes or little bit more until the liquid evaporates and the green beans are becoming tender – crisp.
  • At the end you will find good menu of green bean recipes – sesame green bean, the simple but could surprise you.


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