Grapefruit diet : Everything You Need to Know

By | July 22, 2018

Grapefruit diet has been a popular losing weight method since the 1930s. Many people believe that grapefruit is a magical fruit that can help people lose weight effectively. But the thing people love the most from this diet is the fact that you can lose significant amount of weight in a very short time even without exercise.

You only need to diet for 12 days and you can lose around 10 to 12 pounds during the period. It might be nice to lose so many weights in such a short amount of time. But now the question is, is this diet really that effective? Most importantly, is it safe? To find out more about this diet, let’s read the following explanations.

Grapefruit Diet : How to Do 

Grapefruit DIet


This diet needs you to cut back your calorie intake. In one day, you can only eat 800 to 1000 calories and sugar and carbohydrates are completely banned during the program. Even though you eat less than 1000 calories a day, it can still be hard to lose weight if the fat burning process in your body is slow.

This is where the grapefruit plays its role. The grapefruit itself cannot burn fat. However, grapefruit contains enzymes that can trigger and accelerate the fat burning process in our body. Since you cannot eat carbohydrate, you will need to eat a lot of protein and fat to energize you. You can make your own food combination as long as there is protein, fat and grapefruit in every meal.

To help you balancing the nutrition, here is the example of a balance menu in the 12 days grapefruit diet plan.

  •  Breakfast: a glass of grapefruit juice without sugar, 2 boiled or poached eggs, 2 fried bacons.
  •  Lunch: a glass of grapefruit juice without sugar, meat, salad with your preferred dressing.
  •  Dinner: a glass of grapefruit juice without sugar, fish or meat, vegetables (can be cooked in any style you like. Most of the vegetables are allowed in this diet except celery, potato and onion)

Things You Need to Pay Attention to

Losing 1 pound every day must be very tempting and you just can’t wait to do this diet. But there are some things that you need to consider carefully.

Firstly, grapefruit diet is not suitable to be done in long term. People normally need 2000 to 2500 calories per day. Cutting back the calorie aggressively and avoiding carbohydrates in long term can lead to serious malnutrition.

Secondly, even though grape fruit is very healthy and contains many vitamin C and antioxidants, many researchers still doubt this fruit’s benefit to lose weight. Some researchers think that this diet works because you eat fewer calories and has nothing to do with the grapefruit itself.

Thirdly, this diet might not work for vegans because you need to eat a lot of meat to get energy. Despite of the controversies surrounding this diet, this diet might be helpful if you need to lose weight fast. Just make sure you combine the menu well so you can gain the real benefit of grapefruit diet.