Find the Benefits of Garlic and Garlic for Recipe

By | March 11, 2016

Garlic is  Allium gene or Allium sativa in a Latin . It is just like red onion as one type of herb that we can widely use for seasoning.  There are some ways you can  cook this in certain recipes, such for soup recipes, snail soup recipes,  for fired chicken recipe, for smoked salmon recipe,  for asparagus recipe, etc.

Benefits of Garlic

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It is well known  as a natural remedy from a variety of complaints which is even able to cure the disorders and diseases. Even, in the last time, there were many ancestors who are still using natural remedies media. By using  this spice before the emergence of technological advances in the health field.

Vegetarian garlic recipes can help boost your immunity and also able to help you look fresh to get healthy in your life. Besides that, in some cases, it also can be  as a supplement to treat colds. The process is very easy where you just by combining a few cloves of it in our daily food.

For those who use of the spice in the dish would to make the foods to be more savory and delicious. It is also good for preventing cancer, anti-inflammatory, preventing hypertension, antibacterial, sore throat, antioxidant,maintain.

Garlic for Recipes

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Beverage of Garlic

You are able to try to make a drink with the simple basic ingredients. You just need to take a large pot and add three cups of water. And then make sure to grate five cloves of garlic to be mixed them into water. Later on, make sure also to cover the pan and cook it till boil. Later on, make sure also to turn off the stove after the completion of the boiled. In addition, you need to strain into a cup and then you can drink.

Make vinegar garlic

You might be able to make it into the recipe of vinegar. Below are the steps.

  • In a bowl, you can add vinegar at least half ait.
  • Mix at least 10-15 garlic cloves and then cover the bowl.
  • Make sure to let stand for one hour and the vinegar will absorb all the qualities of raw to make it very strong.
  • Later on, you need to make strain and mix through the salads and other foods that use the material of vinegar

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