Galangal : use for cooking ingredient >> for curing rheumatic

By | March 11, 2016

Galangal is a type of plant tubers that can live in high land area and lower mainland. It can be easily live .if the soil is good, having balance of water. After we plant it we do not to care too much. Like other plant such ginger. Galangal consists of two types, namely the galangal white and red. Red rhizome is considered to have better medicinal properties . It is not denied if the benefits of medicinal plants rhizome this one so large and abundant. It is able to prevent and treat tumors.

 Galangal for Spice


This is one of the herbs which we can find  easily. In a scientific study, ginger was known by the Latin name Alpinna Galangal. Based on physical characteristics, it is similar to ginger and turmeric. Nevertheless, we can easily distinguish them by inhaling the smell and see the performance.

Galangal is used for various cooking recipes, all most of all recipes, such as for soup recipes, for curry recipe, for roasted recipes, for fried chicken breast recipes ( before frying the chicken, it will be better if we boiled first using some ingredient and one of them is galangal ).

To Increase Appetite

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  • 1 rhizome galangal 1 thumb-sized
  • A little fennel
  • 1 ginger rhizome size 1 thumb
  • 1 stalk
How to prepare:
  • Rinse all ingredients
  • Thinly Slice all ingredients
  • Boil all ingredients with 3 cups of water, leaving up to 1 cup
  • Strain water or juice from these materials
How to use:

3x times a day to drink regularly

As addition, these plants can indeed  solve various existing health problems. Here below is one way you can do.

Best for Rheumatic Problem

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  • 2 thumb-sized ginger rhizomes
  • One chicken egg yolk

How to prepare:

  • Rinse and galangal
  • Grate ginger and take the juice
  • Combine juice and ginger with chicken egg yolk mix well

How to use:

Drink this concoction 1x daily and regular consumption

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