Electric Stoves : Jenn Air JES1450DS,etc

By | April 28, 2016

Electric stoves become very friendly with most mothers. Have you chosen the stove which will be placed on your kitchen? Have you understood about advantages and disadvantages of using expected electric stoves?

Well, it is true that the usage of electric cooktop is surely improving your kitchen appearance. It looks cleaner and simpler than when you are using gas cooktop. Many people who have moved to electric cooktop also said that they loved what they have decided.

However, even many people think that electric stoves can give many benefits than gas stove; we still encourage you to learn more about electric stoves advantages and disadvantages first before purchasing it. You can learn about that information through this article.

Electric Stoves having at least 3 Advantages

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Many people say that electric stoves are having more advantages than the gas stove. Here are 3 main advantages of using electric cooktop:

  1. Very easy to clean

As the result of having flat surface, electric cooktop is super easy to clean up. You will be able to maintain the shine of the electric cooktop easily

  1. More features

Electric cooktop usually come with many features not like gas cooktop which only have 1 to 2 features.

  1. Perfect heat distribution for roasting

If you are often making roast recipe, then electric cooktop will improve your dish quality. It is because this cooktop type is appropriate for roasting purpose.

Electric Stoves offer some Choices

Jenn Air Electric Stove

         Jenn Air Electric Stove

1.Jenn Air JES1450DS

Jenn Air JES1450Ds is the first brand that you should check if you want to pick cooktop. Actually, you can find many nice features from this electric cooktop type. Here are some great features you can get from this product:

  • Rapid boil element feature will give flexibility to simmer sauce and cook on low temperature.
  • Keep warm feature will keep any food in warm condition before you serve it. It is very qualified to cook such soup recipes, pempek recipes, mushroom recipes, etc.
  • Aqualif self cleaning technology
Electrolux Electric Stove

    Electrolux Electric                      Stove

2.Electrolux EW30ES65GS

It is suitable for you who want to have the best cooktop, then Electrolux is the proper brand to choose. You can choose many electric stoves type from this brand. However, if you want to have something with many features, you can choose this type.

Here are some features that EW30ES65GS has:

  • Dual convection for circulating heat evenly
  • Flex 2 fit cooktop elements
  • Temp probe for alerting you whenever your roast is in perfect condition
  • Perfect turkey button for making delicious turkey dish
Samsung Electric Stove

   Samsung Electric                        Stove

3.Samsung NE58K9850WG/AA.

You should like to put this in your planning, it is true that you can choose many electric stoves Electrolux. However, you will not able to get any kind which can substitute the electric cooktop from Samsung.

Here is some reason why this electric cooktop also need to be concerned when you want to change your old gas cooktop:

  •  Flex duo with dual door to cook 2 different dishes separately
  • Blue LED knobs to easily know that your cooktop is on
  • Control your cooktop with Wi-Fi connectivity

So, have you decided which one from those 3 electric stoves  will be your new cooktop? If you still confuse in choosing it, then we can give some suggestion to you. If you want to have high durability, then we suggest you to choose Electrolux product. However, if you want to have modern and high tech cooktop, it is nice to choose one of Samsung electric stoves.

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