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By | January 2, 2016

Eel Recipes are actually very easy to prepare and so many recipes can be made, even though Eel recipes are not as common as the recipes for other fishes. Many people say that an eel it self is actually very good  for health. It is an oil – rich meaty and strongly flavored fish.

An eel is rich in vitamins but not many people understand this, therefore not only to consume eel reciupes but to see it they are afraid of the performance of an eel. An eel is long and snake – like, at once glance it is really look like a snake. Many people say that this is ancient fish. By this condition many people do not like  to prepare eel recipes.

It is my suggestion before making  eel recipes, you should have some reference menu first. You should have asked the persons who had ever cooked an eel or you follow suggestion from recipe guide. You can find eel recipes tutorial otherwise your menu will not become a favorite  dish of the time, due to this fish is not the same with other fish in general. It is not worse to sacrifice you time to bruise menu guide before creating eel recipes.

Eel Recipes of our Collection


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Eel recipes have many variants such as other fishes it can be for soup recipes,  salad recipes, etc. This also is also good to  bake, fry, smoked, etc. This eel can go alongside  to cook with other ingredient,   such as green bean, etc.  In the future I will complete each menu with many kinds of recipes including an eel recipes, I will give many sorts of recipes but for this time I give some eel recipes of my favorite.

Smoked Eel Recipes

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Smoked eel is  very fairly taste,  I have tried to eat this eel recipe and the result is not bad. You can buy dried eel or for those who are not so busy or have spare time, why not, you can make smoked eel by yourself to create perfect eel recipes.  

Below is how to make smoked Eel Recipes

  • Get an eel, clean / wash it, get out all the blood. Make it as clean as possible. Cut / slice it based on your desire.
  • Put your eel in the trey. Make it fairly distance with the smoked  and do not to close or too far from the fire.
  • Make smoke / fire under the trey. Make sure that the fire is not so gentle and should produce enough smoke. For this eel recipes you should use good materials  in order to make qualified smoke.
  • After certain time you must change the position, in order to make the result of the smoked eel become better.
  • It will take some days in order that you get the result. I suggest to buy smoked eel rather than you make it buy yourself, like smoked salmon.

Smoked Eel Recipes with PETA ( Parkia Speciosa )

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  • Half Kg of Smoked Eel
  • One ounce of PETAI or Parkia Speciosa ( The peanut of Parkia Speciosa, PETAI is Indonesian word. This is k.o three that produce pungent order. And nowadays there is a canned of Parkia Speciosa which is available in some supermarket )
  • Young chili / green chili of 2 ounce, for this eel recipes you can blend this chili. For this smoked eel recipes.  I recommend young chili will be more appropriate, no problem if other person may used the red chili. Basically both of them are  good to use.
  • Two chopped of garlic.blended also
  • Four red onion, blended
  • Candleberry for about 0.6 grams, blended
  • 0.5 gram of ginger, blended
  • 0.8 grams of galangal, blended
  • Turmeric 0.2 grams, blended
  • Coriander for 0.01 gram, powder
  • Half Pc of tomato, ( you can blend )
  • Vegetable oil, for sauté the ingredients

Method of Cocking Smoked Eel

  1. Preheat a pan and set in medium of heat
  2. After the pan is in medium heat then put the vegetable oil.
  3. Then you can fry the eel, put in the plate
  4. Fry the Parkia Speciosa and put in the same plate with smoked eel.
  5. Combine all other ingredient and sauté all of them.
  6. Stir them well, as usual to make good result, mix them together.
  7. Take the ingredients and place in the plate of smoked eel and have nice dish with Smoked Eel Recipes.

Fried Eel Recipes

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 Fried Eel is one of the alternative of eel recipes this such a aromatic recipe, beside smoked eel  as mentioned above.


Take one eel or ½  kg can, discard the  head,  cut it into chunk, and  wash the eel. After you consider that the eel has been clean enough then put in a bow pour with orange juice and sea salt toss it.


  • Garlic : 0.5 gram
  • Candleberry : 0.1 gram
  • Turmeric : 0.2 gram
  • some Galangal : 0.5 gram
  • Little bit of Ginger : 0.3 gram
  • Sea Salt : 0.1 gram

Combine all of above ingredients and blend them, pour with enough fresh water. Put the mixture in a plate , set aside.

Direction / Method of Frying

  • The chunks of ell brush with the mixture of ingredients above
  • Preheat an frying pan at the heat in medium level of heat, pour enough vegetable oil.
  • Put the eel to the frying pan, occasionally stir. In addition continue to cook until cooked till the color of the eel become golden brown
  • Take the eel put in a plate. Finally enjoy  while  hot and eat together with
    1. Cucumber ( peel and finely sliced )
    2. Chili sauce
    3. Cabbage ( finely slice )

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