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By | July 17, 2018

Duck recipes are now getting more and more  popular.  The meat shall be such is an incredibly versatile ingredient that you can use for almost every type of meals. There are so many kinds of duck recipes you can create  such as salad, soup, appetizer, roasted, and even a hearty entree,etc.

Who doesn’t love an incredibly delicious duck recipes such as roasted duck recipes with juicy meat and tasty crispy skin? The best thing from this meat is that you do not need to go overboard. Just with the spices as it is naturally already packed with unique, and delicious flavor.

Duck Recipes of Our Best Collection

So nice of duck recipes, many choices you can make,   so beautiful to be enjoyed with your family. But unfortunately, however, many people shy away from cooking duck recipes especially the meat. Due to the fact that the characteristic of the meat is a little bit on the tough side. Do not let this intimidate you! With the proper handling and great recipes. After reading above duck recipes, you can transform this rather tricky meat into just about anything that is the delicacy of duck recipes.

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A great useful tip and a valuable rule of thumb that everyone should keep in mind to cook duck recipes is that. In order to avoid the succulent meat turning into a brick. You have to remember that this meat, is the kind of meat that has to be cooked briefly over super high temperature. Or in lower temperature for 3 to 4 hours. Below are some nice duck recipes from  salad, soup, entree, and appetizer that boasts the tastiness of duck meat.

It is fact that duck recipes are becoming the most special ingredients and full of flavor. The Classic French Duck recipes and potato roasted also popular in around of the world. However, you still can cook in several best duck recipes that you should try. But you should know that duck fat has higher present age of unsaturated fat that saturated fat. The unsaturated fat can help you to lower your blood cholesterol.

The duck fat actually contains of lower percentage of saturated fat than butter and same the other veggies oils, such as: coconut and palm oil. Duck also as the high level of smoke point. It means that you can cook in higher temperature without smoke. Beside that the duck fat can be recycle than butter or coconut oil. The best interesting that the duck contain of rich flavor and some chefs also use the duck recipes as their top choice of recipe.

Other advantages of duck. You should take note that fat becomes the essential thing for diet, balance and moderation. You should balance the fat to get the best benefit, the duck fat also easy to absorbed and balancing with your diet. 

Other Duck Recipes, You Might Like 

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Duck Recipes

Almond Duck Salad

It is Almond Salad, one of Duck Recipes. The versatility of this unique poultry meat is really applicable in this salad. For this kind of duck recipes,  the combination with almonds to amp up the crunch, further more it’s a great dish to use up your duck meat leftover – even your cute kid sure shall like this salad! Just with 30 minutes preparation. You will get it and you will not regret of all after the time (read more)

Duck Recipes

rustic soup with vegetables

This is one of duck recipes. Cool, rainy weather or long winter season calls for something tasty to warm you and your loved ones up! While hot chocolate can warm you up just fine, it still cannot be considered a meal right? This rustic duck soup is good for up to 12 servings and will only take 30 minutes of your time.

With whole wheat riggatoni, diced potatoes, and mixed vegetables – this soup sure is one heck of a hearty and filling meal! read more

Duck Recipes

Duck Recipes

It is being phenomenal of Duck Recipes. Worried about cooking a whole duck recipes? Don’t be.

Using a rotisserie grill, your duck will come out moist, juicy, and with crispy skin! Below are the ingredient of the duck recipes. read more

Roast Duck Recipes

Roast duck recipes – easy roast duck recipes

This is what many people like it,  super easy duck recipes. Duck recipes are really giving so many kinds of duck recipes.  Actually to roast duck is not so complicated, it is really easy and you will find good result of recipes.

No need really expert in cooking, just follow our guidance. No fuss and super easy roast duck recipe is suitable for especially people who are a bit crunch on time. You need just 115 minutes to do it and surely you’ll get your beautiful golden tasty bird. read more

Duck Recipes : Teriyaki Skewer

teriyaki skewer appetizer

Teriyaki skewer appetizer as one of Duck Recipes will set off your dining experience to the highest height! Easy and simple to make, here are the ingredients and instruction on how to make the duck recipes:

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Duck Breast Recipes

Duck Breast Recipes with honey and Soy glaze

Besides above collection of duck recipes, see also our other guide of related duck recipes. The Duck Breast recipes, these two duck recipes are also very good to be consumed. There are no other extra method to make it. I am pretty sure that your family will like it, due to they combined with honey and with cherry tomato.

Duck breast with honey and soy glaze. This  one of duck recipes  is very easy, and it really contain the right amount of sweet and salty – something that can easily satisfy everyone’s taste buds! . read more 

Duck Breast Recipes

Duck Breast Recipes with cherry and tomato

It  is another variation of cooking breast duck recipes. As many references say that duck breast is one of the part of the duck which is having great taste and having lot variation recipe can be create.  While for this special duck breast recipes with cherry and tomato, this one of duck recipes is considered very easy to make it.

Just Mix all of the ingredients and  boil them, after that lower the heat and let it simmer till the liquid thickens and turns almost syrupy. read more

Duck Recipes - Peking duck

Peking Duck

As have been described on above paragraphs that duck recipes are really having lot of choices.  one of  duck recipes is Peking. This kind of duck recipes called Peking duck recipe is a lot of demand in the community.

There are so many kind of advantages of the recipe. Besides being delicious, dishes Peking duck recipe is very easy once created.  No need so many kind of ingredient. readmore

Duck Egg Recipes

Duck Egg Recipes : Frittata

Other menu from duck recipes is the egg of duck. One of meal made from duck egg recipes which is very well known almost all over the world  is Frittata. This frittata is actually made from various ingredient and one of the very crucial ingredient is duck egg.

This one of duck egg recipes  basically is an omelet which cooked in Spanish -style. read more

Duck Leg Recipes

Sweet duck legs cooked with star anise and plum

This is Sweet duck legs cooked with star anise and plum. This is to complete your choice to chose abundance of menu from duck recipes. This is duck leg recipe from James Olivier. By looking the performance you may think that it is very difficult to create.

This one of duck duck recipes is super easy to follow, though you may need a little patience to cook it. Due to, in order to cook this one of duck recipes you need only to spend about 4-5 hours including the marinade times. read more. 

Duck Leg Recipes

Roasted duck legs recipes with potatoes

This is Roasted duck legs recipes with potatoes. This is to provide for those of you who do not like some thing stir fry or such as curry. It will be the right  choice of  you. This one of duck recipes is from Nigella Lawson.

It is also easy to create this one of duck  recipes, just spend around  2 hour and 15 minutes for preparation every thing shall be find. Do not forget to create this on  read more. 

SummerDuck Recipes

Summer duck recipes

Summer duck recipes shall be another duck recipes which be enjoyed during summer. Are you ever thinking about what to enjoy for your coming summer and one day  you would like to have it a try in your kitchen.

That is will be a kind of interesting menu. We would like to give share  it and let you enjoy the yummy yet tasty one without any so complicated steps. We think even if you are beginners in cooking ( read more )

Spring Duck Recipes

Simple Roasted Spring Duck Recipes

The other menu of this duck that you try it on, Simple – Roasted Spring Duck Recipes. This  is also so easy to do and could give so delicious spring dish.  This is also so beautiful indeed to be enjoyed together with your big family during spring,  to complete the breezing spring style.

There are actually some choices of roasted duck recipes which you could enjoy in the season. The simple one of the duck recipes, the ingredient of this roasted menu is not so complicated.  The most prominent ones are

  1. One whole duck
  2. Salt
  3. Pepper
  4. etc. ( read more )

Some Traits of Ducks

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  What is a duck ? Many people are confused due to so many names that can be called duck. Whether or not swans, geese, and some of water birds as loons or divers, grebes, gallinules, and coots are also  can be called duck. If it is referring to the big number of species in the waterfowl family Anatidate, geese and swans are included as ducks. Due to duck is a common name for large number of species. Most of the ducks in this category is not worse for duck recipes.

But in the family of Anatidae themselves  which they do not always represent a monophyletic family group but a form taxon. For this group geese and swans are relatively not included as a duck. Refer to this statement,  duck are commonly as  aquatic birds which relatively smaller than geese and swans. In many conditions people cook swan are mostly the same with duck recipes.

They have wings

Image result for wing of duckSome of specifications of duck such as they have two wings, the wings are much stronger and larger than chicken. The ducks also could fly but they can’t fly all day and higher like most of flying birds but much higher or longer than hen. Their wings are so strong and are generally short and pointed. And the flight of ducks need fast continuous strokes, requiring in turn strong wing muscles also. The wings of the ducks are also beautiful for some kind of duck recipes.

Even though there are some species of streamer duck are almost flightless. However some species of duck are temporarily flightless while moulting; they look out taken care habitat with good food supplies during this period. The function of the wings are not limited only for them to fly but they use the wing to fight to protect from enemy. When they are fighting beside they use their beak to beat others, they also use their wings. The flightless duck are most usually call heavy ducks. This group of heavy duck are so good for duck recipes. Many people like the meat, they consider that the meat is much soft comparing the one of flying ducks.

Flying ducks are easy escaped from predator such as from human, alligator. While cute ducklings are particularly vulnerable, since their inability to fly and run faster makes them easy prey not only for predatory such cats, crazy dogs while they are in the land but also for large fish like pike, crocodilians predatory  testudines such as the alligator snapping turtle,  while they are in the water. Many people like to make duck recipes from flightless ducks comparing from flying duck. Duck recipes made from wing of duck is beautiful to enjoy.

There are lot of duck recipes made up from the wings of the duck. Many people like the wing more comparing to others part of a duck.The most simple one of this recipe is fried wing. But before you fry it, you should like to boil it first, do not fry it directly. You should boil combining with some ingredient and after half cooked, you take it and put other place until the wing is not so wet then fry.Try this one of duck recipes

They have long neck

The neck of duck is relatively longer then the neck of chicken but  shooter than geese and swans. They are looking for food in watering area such in pool or in the beach, event they are able to be given food on the land. The long neck is to support their hard and long beak to find food in the water. They can sink looking for food in the water for some minute and relatively much longer then hen. The neck of duck is also good for duck recipes, such soup, curry duck recipes, etc.

They have long and hard beak

Mouth of duck is called beak or bill. And the bill or beak of ducks are  coming in different shapes and sizes. Most usually the shape of the beak and body determines how the duck will hunt for its food or where most of the time they spend their live time. The beak of the duck which is usually hunt in the sea will be difference with the one of farming ducks. Ducks eat some food sources like frog, insect, fish, grass, worms, small molluscs, or even some food made by human usually from corn or rice, it is especially for farming duck. The beak or bill of the duck  are not for duck recipes.

This much usually for duck recipes, or they will take care the duck for eggs and so many also cake made by using duck egg. Ducks  are using the beaks to find,detect, grab and also in one big gulp of food they could swallow. They also function the beak to filter out excess water and inedible objects, and just leaving only their intended food. The kind of food a duck eats is seemed largely dependent on the size,  shape, and ability of there  beak.

By using their long and hard beak, it is so easy for them to catch fish, frog, larva, and any other living creature in the water or in the mud. Besides for catch the food and hard long beak is also to protect from enemy. Certain dabbling ducks find food on the surface of water or on land, if they look for the food in the water or mud, their beak search as deep as they could reach by up-ending without completely submerging. There is also such of membrane in the mouth of the duck that is usually broad and contains serrated lamellae, which are particularly well defined in the filter-feeding species. In the edge of their  beak, there is a comb-like structure called a pecten.

A duck’s bill is typically broad and rather flattened is to allow to have function as a more efficient food scoop or strainer. One duck and another are having  great variation in bill shape and size. But generally all types of ducks also have a hard nail at the end of the bill. That is to give help for them to root the food. The slight serrations or a comb-like structure which so called as lamellae can help them strain water for insects and other food. There are also some variation of bills of every duck, but the color of the bill of some ducks are colorful bills, like  blue, orange, red, and yellow. This strains the water squirting from the side of the beak and traps any food coming in. The function of the pecten is also used to preen feathers and to hold slippery food items.

They have hard feet

The feet of duck have membrane. Difference from chickens and most of birds, duck have membrane in their feet. It is the same with the feed of crocodile. The function of this membrane is for them to swim. That is why duck could swim so long time and so fast comparing to chicken. They could catch fish and some living animal in the pool. The scaled legs are so strong and really well developed, and mostly set far back on the body, more so in the highly aquatic species. As the feet of the ducks are wide, strongly webbed feet which is supposed to help them to be the  strong, efficient swimmers and in many cases, agile divers. Not so many people like to create the feet for duck recipes,  but it is so sure that duck recipes from duck leg is so beautiful.

Duck feet  have durable claws that help the duck to  grip different surfaces such in on the slippery rock, muddy wood, land etc. The legs and the feet of some ducks may vary into one and others, but the colors of feet and legs are mostly red, yellow, orange, and pink. Ducks also have  webbed feet, which are set for good swimmer. The of their webbed feet which is really  making function  like paddles for the ducks. That is one of the reason why the duck could easy swim in cold water is their amazing circulatory system.

The  blood vessels of the duck are laid out so closely one into another in their legs and feet in a network which lets  the warm and cool blood  exchanging heat. This process let the warm blood  to go from the body into the feet to warm the cooler blood  to re-entry the body from the feet, and the blood is going to the feet is cooled  which the cold does not bother the duck.

And  the result saying that the duck’s feet are able to tolerate the cold and not bother them.  As ducks own a compact body that is making an efficient way for streamlined swimming and preserving body heat when immersed in water. Their legs are also typically set far back on their body, which makes the ducks ungainly on land but allow them having more energy when they need to swim and dive. By having special legs, duck could swim faster especially to escape such as from enemy and when they need to catch their enemy. Duck legs and feet are so good for duck recipes, such for soup of  duck recipes. Before making soup from the feet and leg, you have to skin them firs. Just bake them for a while then skin it, I am sure you will this one of duck recipes.

Duck has egg. good for duck recipes

The egg of the duck is much like the egg of chicken but much usually bigger than the egg of chicken. Many people like to use the egg of duck for other duck recipes such as drink and for the material of some cakes. And not so many people like to make the egg of duck for egg recipes for dinner or lunch. Comparing to chicken’s egg, duck egg is higher concentration of nutrition and having more protein too. therefore so many duck recipes made from the eggs.

They have body hair like chicken

Ducks have water-proof feathers. It is a special gland called the ‘Preen Gland’ near the ducks tail. This tiny gland could  produces oil which the duck uses to coat its feathers. The body hair of are rather similar to the ones of chicken. The difference is for duck is much thicker and bigger. Besides to protect their body, this thick body hair for supporting they fly faster, to left up their body. The duck picks up the oil from the preen gland with its head and beak. And then smears it trough out all over its body to make the outer feathers waterproof.

That is so important form them due to their mostly swim long day. Without this protection, a ducks feathers would become water-logged. It seem too difficult for them swim in the river or in the sea. Beneath the water-proof coat are fluffy and soft feathers which will keep the duck warm.

Not only Ducks that possess “Preen gland’  duck but also most of  birds and chicken also have this oil. This  is  an small organ stationed on the back near the base of the tail. Paired or in two united halves. Some birds do not have this preen gland such as for an ostrich,emu, cassowary,  bustard, frogmouth, and a few other birds. The oil is really best-developed in aquatic species, notably petrels and pelicans, and in the osprey and oilbird. Pay attention when will make duck recipes, as not many people like it.

As the ducks do, most birds also preen by rubbing their head and bill over the preen gland pore. And then rubbing the accumulated oil over the feathers of all the body, wings, and also the skin of the legs and feet. The function of this oil is to help preserving the integrity of feather structure. For some species of birds ( some of the birds are also good for recipe, like duck recipes )

It  is  useful in preserving the horny structure of the bill and the scales of the feet and  legs. It is also been considered that, for some species birds, the oil has a certain substance which is a vitamin D precursor. This precursor substance is speculated  to be converted to vitamin D. By the effect of sunlight and then absorbed through the skin. Many people do not include this preen gland ( due to so oily) for duck recipes

How to distinguish duckling, female or male

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It is rather difficult to distinguish between female and male duck. More over when it is still young or duckling (baby ducks). For adult ducks, it will be much easier to distinguish due to we can observe directly their performance, activities, features, the size of the body, tail, voice, etc. For adult if you need for duck recipes, you just find the big one.

The skill of how to distinguish the difference of male and female duckling is so important, more over for those who will make farm of ducks. Whether they need for laying eggs, for collection such hobby, or they need for meat consumption, in this case for duck recipes. If they need for duck recipes, usually the person will chose the big body rather than the small ones. Most usually the big ones are male duck.

If for laying egg ( not for duck recipes ), they of course will chose female instead of male ones. Due to male duck cannot lay egg. If you find some day male duck is laying egg, in my mind it is only an accidental. So far I never hear one restaurant prepare duck recipes from the egg of male duck. I mean, it cannot be planned or cannot be made continuously.

The female duck are still able to lay egg without the present of the male in the area or in cage. In other word the female is still able to lay egg whether or not though the mating process. If the female has been enough age, may be the female has been 6 months old or more, they eat enough nutrition, and they are healthy enough. Then they will lay eggs. So far I never hear that there is difference in term of duck recipes from the egg of the duck that never mating with the male and the egg of the duck which are mating with male. In my conclusion, the eggs of duck are good for duck recipes such as for the material of some cakes.

The knowledge of how to differentiate male duckling and female duckling is also important for them. If they need to know how many they need female and how many male in one cage.  They also need to know female and male for them to be matching with the purpose of taking care of the duck. More over if they buy livestock ducks, they really need to know what duckling they need whether female or male. Do not after some months they buy duckling then all the duck are male no female at all. If the purpose for duck recipes, it is still ok. But if they need to get the eggs, then it will miss calculation.

At least there are three ways of how to differentiate males and females cattle ducks : Hand Sexing, Bend Sexing, and Voice Sexing. All of them are effective depended upon the knowledge and the purpose of selecting whether for hobby, for duck recipes, etc.

Hand Sexing.

This one of the ways to distinguish female and males livestock ducks, by this way you could see directly the anus of the duckling. If you see small bumps insides the anus, meaning it is male and if you could not find the small bumps then it is female. You have to check one by one of all the duckling. This way is very accurate, it seems that not mistake for your prediction latter on.

Even though this way is very accurate, there is a weakness of this way. You have to think whether or not it is effective and efficient for you to do by using this method due to you need to check them one by one. If you have lot of ducklings may be it is not effective for you to do using this way. If just the purpose only for duck recipes later on, you probably suggested to do to other way.

Bend Sexing

Much usually the person will chose the method is depended upon for what purpose of the ducks themselves. For instant for duck recipes, for hobby, etc. This bend sexing is also so popular among the person who would like to distinguish the male and female duckling. For this special way of  distinguishing the male and female duckling you of course certain skills and experiences too. If you do not really have needed experience and skill, mean it is the weakness of this method. Due to you will observe the feather, color, beak, performance, feet, etc. For instance for male the color is much more thin and has a soft fleece, not so clear. In other word that the color of the male one is stronger and  much more bright.

This method is much probably used by many who need the rough data. For example the persons need 1000 male duckling that will be used for duck recipes for next six months later. For this purpose he will chose male duck and after one month, he finds 10 female ducks, and he just ignore them. For this case if you need exact data while you do not own yet the related skill, it is suggested that you do not do this way. For example you need 1000 male ducks and you will reject if there is even one of them is female duck.

Voice Sexing

There is another one of  unique ways of how to chose the female and male ducklings. Voice Sexing, it just compare the sound of the duckling. For male the sound is rather hoarse and great  for female it is much more sharp and loud.

This is also so popular done by many duck farmers for their duck recipes purposes. To take this way you have to have enough knowledge about the sound themselves. Some time you need a longer time waiting there are voicing. For those  who have enough experience this way is also so effective.

Below are the difference between Duck males and Duck females

  • The color of male duck is rather bright while for female much usually speckled pattern and looked more dull stud
  • Male one is bigger than female in term of the body. Mostly for duck recipes they chose male one.
  • The voice of the male is not so hard and soft while for the female is tending to voicing loud
  • the color of the feathers and duck females usually speckled pattern and look more dull Stud
  • Due to the body size of male is bigger, the feet is also bigger.
  • Etc. Both male and female ducks are good for duck recipes