Downdraft Range : Jenn Air downdraft cooktop, etc.

By | April 28, 2016

Downdraft Range could be installed on your kitchen. After choosing your cooktop types, then you should think about what kind of ventilation system should be installed in your kitchen.Ventilation system is important to be installed in your kitchen.

The function of  Kitchen the ventilation system is not only able to remove any strong odor from any ingredients of meals, it is also able to prevent any fungi appear in your kitchen.

Have you understood about downdraft range yet? It is the new ventilation system for kitchen. It is better than the old hood that you usually installed on the top of your cooktop.

Pros and Cons of Installing the Downdraft Range System on Your Kitchen

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Before choosing and deciding to install the downdraft range system on your kitchen, it is better to understand first about what pros and cons from installing it.

Here are some pros that you will get from this new kitchen ventilation system:

  • It can improve your kitchen appearance 

Downdraft range cooktop is not only great ventilation system. It is also able to improve your kitchen appearance. It is because this ventilation system is having elegant appearance than the old one.

  • Easy maintenance 

Yes, the other pro that you can get from installing the downdraft range is you can forget about climbing up on the hood for cleaning the exhaust fan. This new ventilation system is super easy to be maintained. However, even it looks drastically better than the old hood system, but you also need to consider about the cons of this downdraft range system too.

Here are some cons that you need to bear when you want to install this new ventilation system on your kitchen:

  • It is only suitable for large kitchen area 

As you can see, the downdraft range is only good for large kitchen area. Why? It is because you need to install it downward not upward.

  • Construction and installation difficulty 

Before purchasing the downdraft range system, you need to think about the installation too. Even it looks simple, but the installation need more hard work. You need to ensure that your house is having appropriate pipe installation for the ventilation system.

There are many types of downdraft Range System out there, herewith we sincerely would like to introduce some of them. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages comparing to others as well. The choice could be much sure depended upon the some conditions related to the kitchen  situation and life style of the individuals.

Below 3 Downdraft Range Systems for healthy Kitchen :

Jenn Air Downdraft Range

Jenn Air Downdraft Range

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1.Jenn Air downdraft cooktop

It comes with interesting features that you can get from this product:

  • 3 speed fan system
  • 4 radiant elements to cook best dish
  • 2 pcs of 9 inch and 6 inch dual choice elements
  • Glass touch panel control


Kitchen Aid Downdraft Range

Kitchen Aid Downdraft Range

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2.Kitchen Aid Dual Fuel Downdraft Slide in Range.

If you prefer to have gas cooktop than the downdraft electric range, then the Kitchen Aid dual fuel downdraft slide in range is appropriate for you. Here are some features that you can get from Kitchen Aid product:

  • The ventilation system is integrated nicely into the range
  • Even heat system
  • It has steam rack to provide more moisture inside of the oven
  • 4 burner available


Thermador Downdraft Range

Thermador Downdraft Range

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Well, some of you maybe only need the downdraft range system without any burner. If you prefer to purchase the ventilation system only, then Thermador is what you should purchase. Here are some unique features that you can get from Thermador product:

  • It has full 14 inch rise which will fit with the tallest pan
  • Recirculation feature for giving fresh air in the kitchen
  • Efficient for any kitchen usage
  • Cool and elegant appearance

Well, what do you think? Which one you want to install at your kitchen? If you have installed the downdraft range in your kitchen. Then you will not need to worry anymore to cook beef saucy chili recipe which usually will make your kitchen smell hot like chili.

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