How to Make Crock Pot Recipe Such as Noodle Garlic Soup

By | October 6, 2015

Crock pot recipe has swept other recipes mostly during winter over the years for some areas. So many families take the advantageous of taking this mainstay recipe.  I believe that your family shall get satisfaction to enable you to generate a great taste of foods. So when the winter is coming do not forget crock pot recipe.

Crock Pot Recipe shall also exactly available for those who are living in the time of crazy schedule. Especially at that time he almost does not have much time to arrange the activities, everything must be settled in minute. If one job is done little bit longer from what has been scheduled, means it shall disturb other job and etc. So the jobs including breakfast, lunch, and or dinner must be settled in accurate time. For this typical of individual he can accept this crock pot recipe.

Crock Port Recipe is Simple

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Crock pot recipe is introducing its difference from other kind of recipes. Mostly  we can make in short hours, also  while enjoy doing other activities, for example you can cook while you enjoy TV. Programs. You can cook and you are taking shower, etc. They can be done because the condition of most of crock pot recipes are not so complicated comparing to other kind of recipes.

And as the additional the menu of these recipes are mostly can be done by every adults. You do not need much experience in cooking or you do not need to be a  food specialist, everybody could crock pot recipe. Crock Pot Recipe does not suggest you to call your neighbor to hand one thing to help you. Neither need to call your friend or brother in order to be able to cook.

Even you do not need so many kinds of cookers to complete, just a few cookers you can make it perfect. Crock Pot Recipe shall be best served during you are in camping. Whenever you have schedule for camping or making journey, do not forget to bring with you this simple recipe, crock pot recipe. As you know that in camping you could be busy on doing other.

Crock Pot Recipe

Crock pot recipe, making in short time and take little space to cook, need just a few cookers.  One of recipes which are surely able to help you to fend off cold environment in of winter cold are crock pot recipe. Crock pot recipe best for various kinds of foods. Mostly this kind of recipe is applicable for soup recipes. So many soup  recipes available, for example meat soup, chicken soup, fish soup, Noodle Soup, etc. I would like to introduce Garlic Noodle Soup.

Noodle Garlic Soup

Noodle Garlic Soup

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 Garlic Noodle Soup

  1. Noodle, 200 grams ( 1 Pack of Instant Noodle)
  2. Ground Pepper, 5 gram
  3. Garlic, 0.5 PC ( Not one clove ) 1 PC of Garlic may  contain 10  cloves of garlic and the cloves  of garlic must have been skin for this garlic noodle soup
  4. Red Onion, 5 cloves of red Onion
  5. Scallion, 5 cm
  6. Sea Salt,  One three (1/3) of tea spoon
  7. Fresh Tomato, 1 PC ( young green tomato is preferable )
  8. Coriander Powder, one  four (1/4 ) of tea spoon
  9. Chili ,2 PC’s ( Green or Young Chili is preferable for this Crock  Pot Recipe )
  10. Ketchup , 0.5 tea spoon
  11. Celery , one branch is  considered enough
  12. Flavoring Spice , Just about one six of tea spoon (  usually there Best Crock Pot Recipe is special flavoring  Spice for Instant Noodle ) 

Method of Cooking

  1. Slice the ingredients ( a common slicing for each of ingredients)
  2. Slice Red Onion, Celery, Scallion, Young Green Fresh Tomato, and chili ( Young / Green Chili is preferable for this crock pot recipe ).
  3. Skin the Garlic and make them into cloves, remove the skins and the roots until they are very clean.
  4. Place the cloves of garlic in about 2 glass of water into a slow vegan soup cooker.
  5. Cook it in slow or medium standard of cooking, wait until it boiled on 100 Celsius degree
  6. Put all the ingredient into the slow cooker unless the young green fresh tomato.
  7. After the noodle is rather soft, pour the slice of green tomato and now the soup is ready. Enjoy your crock pot recipe.

Crock pot recipe for above menu are the standard cocking of most people do, but the  above menu  is still flexible. I mean depend on the taste or the likeness of the personal. For example, for those who need it rather hot he or she could put some more the chili and or the ground pepper, etc. The above soup is good or the standard for one person.  It is your turn to cock crock pot recipe.

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