Introducing Courgette Recipes: Courgette Fritters

By | November 24, 2015

COURGETTE recipes are very easy  and the recipes are coming as many shapes as  the squash itself. For some people might be the plant is not so familiar, the life of courgette is not like most of other trees.  They are quick-growing, live in very good soil with balance water. they are getting difficult to grow in  if  the soil is having unbalance  of water during the growth.

Courgette Recipes


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These plants belong to the family of cucumber squash, melon and also much similar with the butternut squash. Based on the food category  it refers for vegetable rather than fruit . The color of the fruit is firstly dark green and becoming red yellow when it is getting old. Courgette has a deep green skin with firm pale flesh which are commonly called as zucchini. The young fruit is much nice for COURGETTE recipes.

Many people cook  young courgette rather than old one for courgette recipes.  The fruit of Courgette  will emerge firstly then following by its flower. The flower is right in the edge of the fruit. The fruit and the flower will growing together. The fruit is getting bigger and the nice flower in become blooming.

The color of the flower is yellow. After for certain of time, the flower will fall and the fruit is growing bigger and older. I heard that many people create recipes from the blooming flowers become courgette recipes. There are many kinds of recipes which are fairble to cook with this  courgettes such as salad, soup, and cake recipes. Courgette Fritters  is one of Courgette Recipes

COURGETTE Recipes is easy and versatile

This  vegetable is extremely easy to  cook and the  ingredients are not so difficult to find.  These courgette recipes are also  extremely endless versatile. There are so many good recipes you could  create from this kind of  vegetable. They can be made for various saucepan ingredients. Even though to cock this vegetable is simple but the only one thing need to be taken into attention that this is referring to quite watery vegetables . So need to be cooked with care for some particular courgette recipes.

COURGETTE recipes could  offer delicious dish for every menu if you understand how to cock it. You can   poach, or even hollow out and stuff. You also could bake it, steam or stew. Proponent taste great if you combine with certain cheese or garden herbs. It  could gently  go along side with certain creamy lemon sauce and finely you could enjoy with pasta.

Other way as addition, you can enjoy it in grate  added to a quiche. They are also  very delicious in form of original  raw  with some menus such as in a simple nice salad, for courgette soup, bake, fried,  and even this courgette  is also fairly for  cake courgette recipes.

Courgette Fritter is one of Courgette Recipes

Courgette Fritter

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1.Courgette Fritters

Here is Courgette Fritters, in addition of my collection menu creation from courgette recipes.


  1. Olive oil,just one spoon
  2. 100g courgettes , grate
  3. Salt for seasoning
  4. 1 egg, also you need to beat
  5. Mozzarella cheese: 4 spoon, and also grate
  6. onion, chopped ( 2 )
  7. Tomatoes : 3 and cut hem ( optional )
  8. Parmesan cheese, 4 spoons , grated
  9. Plain flour of 4 spoons

Method of Cooking 

  1. Place all the  ingredients in one bowl except oil and tomatoes ( courgette, salt, egg, mozzarella cheese, onion, parmesan cheese, plain flour ) mix and stir them well in order to form a good mixture. Note : Do not place all the ingredients at once, but place some only and after that another some,  and depend upon how much you make the mixture.
  2. Preheat a frying pan and set it  in slow – medium of heat, pour the oil on the frying pan, after a while  then pour the mixture slowly, you can use spoon or other tools alike to put the mixture to the frying pan.
  3. Continue cooking for each side till the color of the mixture becoming golden brown. Furthermore Pour with tomatoes ( optional )
  4. After the color of the mixture has become golden brown, and then remove the it from the frying pan and set aside. One of   courgette recipes is ready to serve.
Recipe :By Lindri


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