Easy Cod Recipes

By | June 19, 2016

Cod recipes are coming to  very prestige dishes, cod is common name for white fish meat. Cod meat moist and flaky when cooked, many people have enjoyed code recipes in some difference varieties. Code is serve quite often smoked, stews and starters or dried even it is also wonderful simply battered and deep fried. Among some varieties cod recipes, find our below best collection of cod recipes.

Cod Recipes of Our Collection

Italian Roasted Cod Recipes

Italian Roasted Cod Recipes

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1.Italian Roasted


  • Garlic Granules                  : ¼ table spoon
  • Cod Fillets                          : 4 ( no skin and no bone)
  • Drizzle of oil                      : Just considered enough
  • Egg ( white part )             : 1 egg
  • Pepper                                : Pinch of pepper
  • Salt                                      : Pinch of salt
  • Dried Breadcrumbs         : 4 table spoon
  • Grated Parmesan             : 2 table spoon
  • Dry Polenta                       : 1 table spoon
  • Italian Herbs                    : ½ table spoon
  • Olive oil                             : 1 table spoon

How to make

  • Take an oven and preheat it to 230c
  • Combine, in one place such as bowl,  some ingredients breadcrumbs, herb, oil, salt, pepper, Garlic Granules, egg white, and Parmesan.
  • Using oil to drizzle lightly the fillets and after that put a spoon of the mixture on the top  for each of fillet
  • Separate the crumbs mixture evenly over the top of the fish, to do this use your finger
  • In the oven,continue roasting  for 12 minutes or until flaked. Now enjoy this one of cod recipes.
Creamy Smoked Cod Soup

Creamy Smoked Cod Soup

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2.Creamy Smoked Soup


  • Zest Lemonade Juice        : 1 lemon
  • Plain cod                             : 450g ( Plain cod, no skin and no bone )
  • Butter                                  : 50g
  • Thyme –the leave             : Handful
  • Smoked cod                       : 225g (Smoked cod, no skin and no bone )
  • Salt                                       : Little amount
  • Pepper                                 : Little amount
  • Parsnips                              : 450g
  • Single Cream                     : 250ml
  • Potatoes                              : 225g
  • Milk                                     : 250g
  • Brunch Spring Onions    : Chopped

How to make

  • Put the plain and smoked cods in a saucepan with some water

  • Boil the thyme and zest and juice of lemon
  • After poaching for ten minutes, take the  cods  and set aside ( do not throw the poached liquid )
  • Sizing  the cod into such of the bit- sized pieces
  • Parsnips and potatoes needed to be peeled and chopped also into the bit-sized pieces
  • Take half of the butter, melt it then add the spring onion. continue cooking them for another five minutes  before adding the potatoes and parsnip and cook for further five minutes. Cover with poaching liquid and continues cooking for another fifteen minutes.
  • Make milk and cream together become melting after certain heat in a separate saucepan then stir it into the vegetable and poaching liquid mixture
  • Continue cooking  for a some of minutes, but make sure  don’t let the mixture boiled
  • Add the cod pieces and allow them to warm through.
  • Season the soup well, use salt and pepper for seasoning

After all just stir the rest of the butter into the soup until it is melted and then decant into soup bowls. Serve this one of cod recipes.

Cod Salsa - Cod Recipes

Cod Salsa – Cod Recipes

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3.Roasted Simple Salsa


  •  Cod fillet                            : 4pcs
  • Red onion                          : 1
  • Chopped Tomato             : 1 tin ( 1x400g )
  • Parsley                               : Handful
  • Olive oil                              : 2 table spoon
  • Chili powder                      : ½ table spoon
  • Salt                                      : Pinch
  • Pepper                                : pinch
  • Lime                                   : juice half of lime

How to make

  • Red onion is chopped finely. And fry in the oil for around 8 minutes until the colour become softened and browned, add the tomatoes, parsley, lime juice, sugar, salt, pepper and chilli powder. Simmer for around ten minutes till thickened
  • Put the cod fillets into a roasting dish and cover the fillets with the salsa
  • Continue cooking  in a 200C oven for 5-10 minutes until flaking. Serve this one of cod recipes.


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