How to Make Chicken Breast Recipe

By | September 1, 2015

Chicken Breast Recipe  shall be able to be the up most choice while you are in the condition of being not able to find what to serve  today. Difference from other kinds of meat, many people consider and call that this chicken breast is very perfect meat, it must be the most versatile meat.

It  packs protein and  gives you very little fat. And at the same time it  is also  the perfect cut to slice up in stir-fries, marinate and grill ( such as for the based material of ground beef recipes ), pan-fry or oven roast. This white meat helps our bodies build and repair tissue and keeps us feeling full long. Whenever you have chicken Breast remember this chicken breast recipe.

Chicken Breast Recipe offers Difference Taste

Chicken Breast Recipe  from other resources often get knocked for being boring, tasteless, or just plain not good. There are so many  kinds of recipes  from the entire world. Difference country has difference style of food. One shall taste it good while other will taste it differently, it is very common because difference society background. But so far I know that many people like  Chicken breast recipe.

Chicken breast recipe really  gives  you certain additional desire to complete the deliciousness. Which will put you to breathe new life into the not-so-hollowed bird.  We believe that this special  Recipe offered is acceptable by most of the people from worldwide.

Example of Chicken Breast Recipe

Chicken Breast Recipe

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 Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken is among many other menus can be created from Chicken Breast Recipe. At this moment, I introduce the recipe of our collection.  It  refers to the traditional recipe. Just using common household ingredients and healthy cooking methods rather than using sophisticated way of cooking and high standard of ingredient.

Using only cheap and  easy-to-get-your-hands-on ingredients . Neither you  need to have so many cookers in order to cook your chicken. Neither spends dozen of hours stay in the kitchen and we believe that everybody could cook this.


  • Garlic              : 0.6   gram
  • Candleberry  : 0.1   gram
  • Ginger            : 0.5   gram
  • Galangal        : 0.7   gram
  • Turmeric       : 0.2   gram
  • Coriander      : 0.01 gram ( powder )
  • Chicken Breast : 1 kg

Cooking Steps

Very easy way of cooking not only the  professional cooker can do it I am sure every body could do it, even for the unprofessional ones are able to cook this chicken breast recipe.

  • Blend all the above ingredient except coriander and mix together
  • Boil some water,
  • After the water boil, place chicken breast and all the ingredients
  • Wait until 25 minutes or until the chicken is rather soft
  • Take out the chicken and let it cool for while
  • Fry the chicken breast until the colour is brown
  • Take and set aside,enjoy this chicken breast recipes.
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