The Benefits of Candleberry and Candleberry for Recipe

By | March 12, 2016

Candleberry is one kind of nuts. It is often equated with candle nut. The pecan crusted hard and usually taken for the meat. It’s textured hard but you can  easily destroy. It is one of the main ingredients of cuisine.  Asian cuisine widely use it, local cuisine, to western cuisine. It has a sweet taste. This candleberry is very popular to be the ingredient of many kinds recipe, such as Fried chicken, Chicken Curry, recipe for an eel, some recipes for eggplant, some recipes for salmon, etc.

The white with blackish brown hard shell and is also a grain that can be halved.  It becomes a major commodity in Indonesia and many regions sell this candleberry.

Benefits of Candleberry


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Candleberry is a plant with seeds that contain oil. Its scientific name is Aleuritesmoluccana hazelnut. Pecan plants   have many benefits for our bodies.

One of the benefits of the most popular hazelnut and often hear is able to nourish, strengthen and black hair. However, based on research and testing laboratory, pecan is also for efficacious to treat diarrhea, dysentery, abdominal pain, constipation, until the fever, mouth sores and toothaches. Ability pecan as the drug by compounds in it. It contains substances polyphenols where many studies prove the three components of the substance are good for health.

Candleberry for Recipes

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So many kind of recipes could use this candleberry, even long time ago our traditional gardeners never use any kind of oil to cook,they only used candleberry instead. Mostly candleberry was blended and poured to you recipe, this is they they did and mostly people do it at present.

You  can keep Candleberry recipes  for a long time just stored in sealed jars in a state either peeled or not peeled. For food processing, hazelnut generally smoothed by means of finely ground or finely grated. Then pecan mixed with spices and seasonings are  together. You also can make oil. Make hazelnut oil is quite easy. You only need to boil until cooked pecan.

Candleberry-boiled will remove the oil. You can  extract and cool it and then store in a sealed bottle. You can also add the olive oil in walnut oil  to add scent.

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