Acupuncture Weight Loss : Really effective to lose your weight safely

By | July 21, 2018

Have you understood about acupuncture weight loss? For many decades, we have seen many new losing weight methods. Some are truly able to give result, and the rest are just myth.

So, what about acupuncture? Is it able to help losing weight? Well, if you want to know more about reviews, then you can dig that information through this article. We will share to you about how well that method in losing weight.

Acupuncture  weight loss Is Truly Able to Give Good Result

For you who have tried many methods for losing weight and none have given good result, you can rely on acupuncture for weight loss technique. This new method is not only giving huge promise, but it is also giving result.

Losing weight with using acupuncture has been research deeply in many countries, especially in Korea. However, the acupuncture technique that is surely able to give huge result in losing weight is ear acupuncture.

The ear acupuncture has shown great result in losing weight. People who have tried it said that they can reduce around 5% of their body weight with using ear acupuncture for about 4 weeks.

Beside of using acupuncture weight loss ear points, they also do strict diet program. However, they did not do any additional exercise. They only did common exercise frequently.

Acupuncture Weight Loss

Acupuncture for weight loss

  Acupuncture Weight Loss

There are two types of ear acupuncture weight loss.  The first type is using one needle which is placed on hunger nerve point. The second type is using five needles which placed in more nerves.

So, which is better to use if you want to lose your weight? Well, as the research has shown, the usage of 5 needles in acupuncture is better than using 1 needle. The 5 needles acupuncture is able to reduce 6.1% weight for about 4 weeks.

Acupuncture  Weight Loss is Safe 

Some of you maybe do not only think about is acupuncture  weight loss work or not. Some of you maybe also want to know is it safe enough to do. Well, based on medical statement, acupuncture is safe enough to use for losing weight.

However, the acupuncture  weight loss technique is safe enough to do by professional. Make sure to choose professional acupuncturist. Do not ever try to get acupuncture from unlicensed acupuncturist.

Acupuncture Weight Loss is Cheap

So, you have known and believed that acupuncture is able to help reducing your weight, and then some of you maybe want to know about the cost.

How much acupuncture weight loss cost? Is it expensive? When we are talking about cost, we can say to you that the cost for getting professional acupuncture is not as expensive as you purchase diet pill.

A professional acupuncture especially for losing weight cost is starting from $50 to $100 per session. Actually, when we see the positive way, we believe you agree that acupuncture weight loss is cheap enough than other available solution.