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Hi, I am Lindri from Indonesia, the country of which having many islands. Between one island and another having their own characteristic . The culture and the language of them are also difference but they are all able to speak their national language and they are living in harmony each other.

Glory Land  of Recipe

Many people say that this country will be the real glory for recipes enthusiasts  which they  could find billions of recipe resources. Almost every kinds of recipes can be found in this country. Indonesia as a glory land of recipes at least has been accepted by many foreign recipe enthusiasts who have visited our country. This fact had been known since hundreds years ago, since our ancestor coming to cultivate and live in our land.

After graduated from an university I worked for private investor for some years  and at present   I’m a recipe merchant, I have introduced my recipe characteristic to some people, I have helped thousands of people  in need of recipes

Recipe Consultant

Recipe Consultant

in my town, for party ideas, food ideas, etc. More over when they are going to conduct a big  party which will  be attended by thousands of guests. For such people they often come to me and discuss about the need of recipes.  I have my own mixture or recipes combination which could meet the desire of any person coming.

Besides my daily activities as a recipe merchandiser, I am so happy spending my spare time to learn and doing some things related to internet marketing, I wish to be full time as internet marketer, professional online researcher.

Provide Recipe for the Globe

I really love recipes. All kinds of recipes and foods from any  people from all over the world. As a recipes enthusiast,  I love them all!. Eventually I realize that I will also be happy if I could provide recipes not only for the people in my town but for the people from all over the world.  It will be my big challenging  dream if I could help people in need of recipes from various countries. So… I created this blog as a guide to help you find all the best  and accurate recipes, before you make significant decision.

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