1200 Calorie Diet – The Minimum Rule for Good Result of Slimming Body

By | July 22, 2018

1200 calorie diet is the standard measurement calorie that should be fulfilled. Everyone who does diet should pay attention with this numbered of calorie. It is the small calorie even we can eat the small portion of food.

Because of this calories, we aren’t aware that we have already over in calorie whereas we only eat the small portion of food. It is being thee magic problem that is being the big cause of obesity or over weight. Then we should do a diet.

In doing the diet, if we do not understand about the best rule of the calorie needed of the body, we won’t be lean but we will get the additional illness. Because, while we are doing diet, our body will decrease thee consuming of the calorie food. If the decreasing of the calories food is covered, our body will be in the weakness condition.

How to do 1200 calorie diet?

The rule of 1200 calorie diet will help us to control the needed of calorie for the body. Before doing diet, we should know about BMR Calculator. It is the Basal Metabolic rate calculating. It is being the minimum calculating of the calorie that should be fulfilled for the body. We should have the calorie calculating more ta the standard of the BMR Calculator.

In having the 1200 calorie diet, we should also do thee exercise. The exercise will be the best activity to spend the calorie of the body. Besides it will also make the balanced calculating toward the BMR calculator.

Besides, in doing the 1200 calorie diet we should choose the healthy food that consists of a lot of nutrients. Water and fiber to make the hungry feel no come every time. Decrease the consumption of the rice, sweet food, and high-fat foods. Then we should also decrease the consuming of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Because they have high calories.

Steps of getting 1200 calorie diet

  1. For breakfast, we can eat a cup of oatmeal, 4 oz. nonfat milk, a half cup blueberries, and 4 oz. of orange juice.
  2. The second 1200 calorie diet is eating midmorning snack by eating 8 TLC crackers and a mini piece of cheese.
  3. For lunch time, we can eat a slice of bread, a tbsp. peanut butter, an apple in the medium size, 8 sticks of carrot, and drink water or sweet drink
  4. Then the afternoon snack, we can eat thee snack that has 100 calories
  5. The dinner time, for getting 1200 calorie diet, we can eat salad with spinach, tomatoes, beans, cheese and drink water or unsweet drink.
  6. For five examples above, we will get 1215 calories for our body. It is the balanced calorie. Because we do not have the covered calorie than the 1200 and we also do not have thee fewer calories.

Doing this kind of diet will make fulfill 1200 calories for our body. Because we should always calculate the calorie of our body. But actually, the result of BMR calculator plus doing exercise are the main thing of this 1200 calorie diet.

By Lindri